Living with ADHD - Our Halifax Live Show

CADDAC National Director

About 75 people attended the live show featuring Patrick McKenna on Saturday night and if the laughter and tears was any indication everyone had a great time. Interestingly about two thirds of the audience were not conference attendees, which was unexpected but great bonus because it meant that we were reaching even more people in nova Scotia. The improve group was a blast. People were in stitches. I laughed so hard tears were running down my face. Patrick’s featured presentation “Is it me or the ADHD?” was inspirational and obviously hit home for many of the attendees. There was much nodding and also some tears in the audience. A young man pulled us aside at the end saying he wished he could stay and chat with Patrick but had to head out. He shared that he and his Dad attended with his Mom's insistence, so he was not too happy about attending. But, after hearing Patrick speak, so much had resonated with him that he now knew that he needed to think long and hard about getting an assessment making some serious changes. I guess we can’t ask for more of an impact than that!

Heidi Bernhardt



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