Intuniv XR Coverage by Ontario Public Drug Program (OPDP)

CADDAC National Director

CADDAC was just notified of the recommendation by the Committee to Evaluate Drugs or CED (part of OPDP) as a follow-up on our advocacy efforts to have Intuniv XR covered under the Ontario Public Drug Plan.

The CED has recommended that Intuniv XR be reimbursed under the Exceptional Access Program (EAP) for children with ADHD who require adjunct (additional medication) to psychostimulants or are intolerant of psychostimulants and cannot be treated with atomoxetine or clonidine.  More specific criteria will be developed by OPDP, but information on stimulant medication trials will be required as part of the EAP form to be filled out by physicians.

The CEDs recommendation will be provided to the Executive Officer of the Ontario Public Drug Programs who will make the final decision.

While not perfect, this is good news for those families who qualify for the Ontario Public Drug Program and whose children are being treated with Intuniv XR. If approved, this will allow children who have insufficient or no therapeutic benefit from other ADHD medication, or cannot tolerate stimulants, Strattera or clonidine to access to Intuniv XR.

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