Barb Easter

Written and submitted by X. Laudati, 14 years old from the USA!

Imagine having an itchy brain
Imagine having trouble focusing
Imagine forcing yourself to be dedicated to something
Imagine when you want something all you do is talk about it
Now just imagine you want everything to go your way
Imagine not sleeping through the night or not needing a lot of sleep

Imagine trying to focus while playing sports with ADHD
Imagine being able to play an entire soccer game without getting tired
Imagine doing something you immediately regret
Just imagine finishing your popcorn before the movie starts

Imagine having someone tell you to “STOP” multiple times
Imagine someone reminding you multiple times to do something
Imagine your name being called all the time but you don’t respond

Imagine how special it is to have ADHD Imagine having endless energy
Imagine having the drive to complete something
Imagine enjoying life and not stressing about stuff
Imagine focusing on the small stuff that gets left behind
Imagine taking risks and learning from them
I could never imagine my life without having ADHD

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