Help Build ADHD Awareness - Speak Up for Change in Ontario!

CADDAC National Director

The Ontario election is quickly approaching so this is the opportune time to make your voice heard. You MPPs think that their constituents do not care about ADHD because they do not hear from families with ADHD, but they do hear from parents of children with Autism.

Is this true? Are you uninterested in ADHD?

Are your MPP and those running in your constituency aware of government policies that impact families with ADHD?  For instance, are they aware that students with ADHD in Ontario do not qualify for recognition as exceptional learners?  This identification would give them the same rights to special education resources as students with other neurodevelopmental disorders such as learning disabilities and Autism. Are they aware of the extensive wait lists and additional costs of receiving an ADHD diagnosis and treatment? Are they aware of costs to the health, child and youth, social service and justice systems in Ontario when we do not diagnose and treat ADHD?

For more information on ADHD advocacy in Canada access our past Blog.

CADDAC is asking parents, extended families, adults, health care providers and anyone interested in children and adults with ADHD to contact their MPP and those running in their riding.

Your MPP is required to meet with any constituent that requests a meeting.

We need you to do at least one of these things before the June election:

  • Meet with your MPP and/or those who will be running in your riding in the up-coming election.
  • Write a letter to your MPP and those who will be running in your riding.
  • Attend a town hall meeting and ask those running in your constituency questions about ADHD that matter to you.
  • Write a letter to the editor of your local or regional paper.

CADDAC has developed Election Documents for you to use, points for you to make and questions to be asked when meeting with your MPP or attending a town hall meeting. Template letters are also available to assist in your letter writing.



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