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Become an advocate

Become an Advocate for CADDAC

For advocacy of ADHD to be effective, the voices of those impacted by the disorder need to be heard. Myths and misinformation have been prominent in the media and in the community at large for too many years, despite abundant medical information backed by research. The misunderstanding and stigma surrounding ADHD continues to impact families affected by ADHD, causing stress, confusion, under diagnosis and under treatment. This continuing stigma has resulted in most families remaining quiet about the significant impact of ADHD on their lives.

When their constituents remain silent on the issues surrounding ADHD, politicians and decision makers see no need to make any changes or even consider the impact of ADHD. When they are informed about existing needs though advocacy work they are uninterested because they think their constituents are uninterested. If you have an interest in ADHD, CADDAC and other Canadian ADHD support organizations need your help! Advocacy efforts cannot succeed unless the voices of those like you are heard – we need all those with an interest in ADHD: parents, grandparents, adults with ADHD, extended family members, educators and medical professionals to do at least one thing to add their voice to the effort. 

Advocacy Toolkit

For more information about how you can help advocate, please access our comprehensive Advocacy Toolkit for more information

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Writing a Letter

Writing a letter to your MP, MPP, MLA or MNA, Minister or editor of a local newspaper expressing your interest in ADHD, your concerns, and your requests is hugely helpful in ADHD advocacy efforts. When meeting with government representatives we are frequently told that they do not hear from their constituents on this topic and are therefore not overly interested in becoming involved.


Find your Elected Official

Find your elected official’s e-mail address by using the link below and use it to address your e-mail.

ADHD Speaks

ADHD Speaks

ADHD Speaks is a long-term awareness campaign encouraging people to speak out about their ADHD by sending in a video, audio, written or visual piece sharing their experiences with ADHD.

Launched in 2018, the campaign aims to bring general awareness of ADHD to the public, medical professionals, government officials, educators, those suffering from ADHD and their families. The campaign aims to increase awareness and understanding of the impact ADHD has on those living with the condition, their families, and society as a whole.

Make an ADHD Submission

CADDAC is asking people of all ages, including kids, to join the discussion and share their experiences, by text, audio or video. Tell us ONE thing you wish people knew about ADHD (yes pick just one) and submit it to us or share it on social media and tag us!

Make a Submission

Make an Pride ADHD Submission

Celebrate Pride with us! Are you someone living with ADHD who identifies as part of the LGBTQ2S+ community? We would love to hear your story & perspective!

Make a Pride Submission

Check Out What People Have Said

See All ADHD Speaks Stories

Written Stories

The Struggle Behind Closed Doors

One thing I wish people knew is how affected individuals internalize the problems associated with ADHD, and struggle behind closed doors. For a very long time, I felt an immense amount of guilt about my inability to perform in a way I knew I should be...

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The Wonderfulness Of Me

If you took all of the things that were special about me, you could put them all together and call it AD/HD No better, no worse, just different that’s me. I’m really now crazy, please try and see Like a talented wizard in a world full of “Muggles”. it’...

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ADHD is a Serious Physical and Mental Health Disorder - Response from CADDAC’s Founder

Written by Heidi Bernhardt R.N. During this year’s ADHD Awareness Month’s Campaign CADDAC shared ADHD facts from peer reviewed research. Our media release and bus shelter posters stated that ADHD is a serious mental health disorder that can significant...

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A High "H" Professor

I'm a University Professor and I'm interested in helping with ADHD advocacy. I was diagnosed in 2014 when I was 49 - about the same time I was hospitalized and had surgery for heart disease. Though quite fit at the time (I have a strong "H" component i...

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Supporting ADHD Kids in the Classroom - Zane's Story

My 11-year-old son, Zane, was diagnosed with ADHD in gr. 2. After having a very difficult year, he was assessed through the school. Grade 3 was like night and day. He still struggled with his emotions but he was given a very dynamic teacher and a very...

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Becoming an ADHD Coach

I listened to a piece on adult ADHD on CBC radio and my internal voice grew growing louder and louder ... Yes! Yes! Yes! Finally good content on ADHD!!!! This inspired me to share my story. Since my son was diagnosed with ADHD and Dysphasia 10 years ag...

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See All Written Stories
Become a volunteer

Become a Volunteer for CADDAC

CADDAC is always looking for volunteers. If you are passionate and want to help make a difference in the ADHD community in Canada please fill out the volunteer form below and a staff member will be in touch with you within 3 business days.

Volunteer Form
Fundraise for Caddac

Fundraise for CADDAC

In Canada, resources and support for people living with ADHD are minimal. As the only national charity focusing solely on ADHD, we are always trying to improve and expand our ADHD programs and services across Canada.


It is with the help of individuals like you, that we can provide vital programs for the ADHD community across Canada. Every dollar raised goes to vital ADHD programs for individuals affected by ADHD and their families. Below is an example of some of our programs your funds can be directed to.

  • Parenting programs – CADDAC offers a variety of 5-10 week parenting programs aimed at helping parents and caregivers learn how to help parent a child with ADHD. Our programs focus on creating an ADHD profile, and supporting your child’s executive functions
  • ADHD coaching programs – CADDAC’s coaching programs are geared to individuals 16yr and older and they seek to improve executive functioning skills in individuals with ADHD as well as educate them about the complexities of the condition.
  • ADHD Resource navigator - The Resource Navigator provides families and individuals with emotional support and navigation through the Canadian mental health system.
  • General Fund – A general donation will go to areas most in need within the organization

If you are looking for a way to raise some funds for a great cause, please refer to our fundraising tool kit below.

Fundraising Toolkit

Looking to help a great cause! Access our third party fundraising toolkit for ideas!

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Birthday Fundraiser

Want to try something new on your birthday, why not a birthday fundraiser

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