Funding Policy

CADDAC only accepts funding for projects that we propose, or that are proposed to us that we deem to be of benefit to our patient population such as families and individuals with ADHD.

All grants that we receive are used for awareness, education and advocacy efforts or to directly support individuals with ADHD.

We also do not accept any funds for the advertising or promotion of treatments or products being sold for ADHD.

Funding Sources

CADDAC’s activities – which are primarily focused on education, awareness and advocacy as well as supporting families and individuals with ADHD – are funded in a variety of ways.

Funding is obtained through corporate donations, individuals donations, program fees, and occasionally provincial governments.

CADDAC would like to acknowledge the generous support of, Janssen, Takeda Canada, Purdue Pharma, and the Zorzi Family.

In 2020, CADDAC received funding for awareness and advocacy initiatives, educational materials and educational events from Takeda Canada Inc, Janssen Inc., Purdue Pharma, Zorzi Family, and the federal government.
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