Failure is a gift by C.K.


Failure is a gift! As someone with ADHD, I have previously seen my cycles of excitement-to-burnout as failures. Reframing failure as a step towards eventual success has been enlightening.
As Carol Dweck said, there are two ways to look at the world: “In one world, effort is a bad thing. It, like failure, means you’re not smart or talented.”

Appreciate the process over the results:

  1. Don’t worry about the outcome and how fast you get there, but focus on how much learning you can get from the experience.
  2. Don’t say failing, say learning: This simple change in language helps shift your view of failure.
  3. Value criticism as a gift: Analyze all criticism, and take it as a useful point.
  4. Take time to reect: What lessons did you learn from your mistake?
  5. The “not yet” technique: Reminding yourself that you haven’t mastered this skill… yet

Viewing my unpredictable interests as a gift has been key in my transformation!

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