ADHD Presentations by Heidi Bernhardt, RN

CADDAC offers presentations on a variety of ADHD topics which can be geared to different audiences such as, parents, educators, adolescents and adults with ADHD and their families, health care professionals, employers, human resource staff, government, media and the public.

Presentations can be customized in length and format, with a single topic or a combination of topics, and for a specific or a mixed audience. If not presented in person, presentations can be hosted on a variety of platforms, via webinar, SKYPE, and even over a phone line for remote locations.

ADHD Topics Currently Covered

(CADDAC is open to requests for presentations on new topics)

General ADHD Presentations by Heidi Bernhardt 

  • ADHD Treatment
  • The Impact of ADHD on the Child, Parents, Siblings and the Family as a Whole
  • Psycho-educational Reports, What they Tell Us About Students with ADHD
  • ADHD in Canadian School Systems
  • The Socioeconomic Cost of ADHD
  • ADHD in the Justice System
  • Report Writing on Students with ADHD Made Easy for the Busy Medical Professional
  • Comparing Canadian and US Requirements for ADHD Accommodations

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Childhood ADHD Presentations by Heidi Bernhardt 

  • Introduction to ADHD
  • The Impact of ADHD on Learning
  • Classroom Implications and Teaching Strategies
  • Emotional, Social and Self-Regulation Difficulties seen in Children with ADHD
  • ADHD and Emotional Regulation and Use of the ABC Chart
  • Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD): How to Use Collaborative and Productive Solutions for Better Outcomes
  • Childhood ADHD in the Home, Parenting and Behavioural Strategies
  • ADHD in Early Childhood
  • Early Childhood ADHD: Strategies for ECEs and Teachers
  • What You Need to Know When Advocating for Your Child in the School System

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Adolescent ADHD Presentations by Heidi Bernhardt 

  • Transitioning from Childhood ADHD into Adolescent ADHD and Beyond: What Parents Need to Know
  • New Challenges and Risks in Adolescent and Post-Secondary ADHD

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Adult ADHD Presentation by Heidi Bernhardt 

  • Understanding Adult ADHD
  • Adult ADHD in the Home and Within the Family Relationship
  • Understanding ADHD’s Impact on Adult Relationships
  • Understanding ADHD in the Workplace
  • ADHD in the Workplace for the Employer

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ADHD Parent Readiness Education Program (PREP) by Heidi Bernhardt 

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Presentation Cost (Exclusive of Expenses and Travel)

Duration Number of Presentations Cost
Half day or less One or two presentations and topics $750 plus HST
More than 1/2 up to a full day Up to four presentations and topics $1000 plus HST
Additional cost for newly developed topic $500
Customization of existing presentations $200

All presentations will be accompanied by PowerPoint presentations and some presentations will also be accompanied by resource handouts. These materials may be shared electronically in PDF format or as hard copy handouts, with the attendees.

All material is copyrighted and the intellectual material of Heidi Bernhardt.

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