During ADHD Awareness Month CADDAC Launches "ADHD Speaks" a National ADHD Awareness Campaign #ADHDSpeaks

CADDAC National Director

Patrick McKenna and Other Canadian Celebrities Speak out About ADHD and Invite the Public to Join the Conversation #ADHD Speaks

On October 2nd 2018 CADDAC, the Center for ADHD Awareness Canada, launched “ADHD Speaks” a multiyear national campaign to get people talking and break the silence on ADHD.  People all across the country are invited to submit selfie videos and use the campaign hashtag, #ADHDspeaks, to join the conversation.

CADDAC’s hope is that the creation of the ADHD Speaks movement will finally provide a platform for those living with ADHD to have their voices heard. Canadians impacted by ADHD are still afraid to open up about this condition. CADDAC believes that there is still so much misinformation and judgment out there about ADHD that just continues to fuel the existing stigma. This has caused individuals and families to feel shame and remain fearful about sharing their struggles and experiences. This lack of discussion about ADHD has led our politicians and decision makers to conclude that their constituents and stakeholders don’t care about ADHD; that they don’t care about the lack of resources and serious consequences that occur when ADHD is not recognized and treated. That just can’t be the case when nearly two million Canadians are affected by this disorder.  We need to hear the voices of those impacted by ADHD.

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CADDAC is inviting everyone living with ADHD, their friends and families, medical professionals, educators and celebrities, to share their experiences and revelations about ADHD by submitting a brief selfie video recorded using their smartphone. They can also send an audio message or written story if they prefer. People are also encouraged to share their stories on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, using the #ADHDspeaks hashtag. Participants can obtain more information and tips for recording and submitting their thoughts and stories on CADDAC’s website:

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October 2, 2018 Media Release

A personal ask from Heidi Bernhardt, the President of CADDAC

A personal ask from Patrick McKenna, actor, director and comedian

View Celebrity ADHD videos rolled out during October, ADHD Awareness Month 

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