Improve the lives of those with ADHD through ADHD awareness, education and advocacy.

In Canada, resources and support for people living with ADHD are minimal. As the only national  charity  focusing solely on ADHD, we are in the early planning stages of developing programs and services for ADHD communities across Canada, but we need YOUR HELP to do it!

Your generous gift will contribute to establishing programs and services for ADHD communities in Canada as well as support the work CADDAC is already doing in the areas of advocacy, awareness, and education.

General Donation

A general donation will help us to continue to offer free educational programs for the community as well as advocate for those affected by ADHD with policy papers.


Adolescent and Adult Group ADHD Coaching Program

ADHD coaching is a collaborative, goal-oriented process that integrates life coaching, skills coaching, and education to assist individuals with ADHD in developing the self-awareness, strategies, and skills necessary to fulfill their potential while navigating the realities of living with ADHD.

With a target launch date of September 2021, our AAGCP aims to teach individuals with ADHD with practical life skills to improve their quality of life.

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Mental Health Family Navigation Program

The MHFNP provides families and individuals with emotional support and navigation through the Canadian mental health system.

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