2015 Survey on Experiences with Mental Health Medication/Generic Substitution

Over the past few years CADDAC has been receiving anecdotal evidence from caregivers, patients and treating physicians, indicating a decrease in the degree and length of symptom control and an increase in side effects when patients were switched from particular brand-name to generic medications. CADDAC joined in discussion with other organizations supporting those with mental health conditions to find a way to gain more insight into this potential issue. You can access the full statement outlining the organizations’ understanding, agreement and goals for the survey Here

As a result a nation-wide survey was launched requesting feedback from individuals, caregivers and healthcare providers on existing knowledge and experience with brand name and generic medications.

The survey findings have been analyzed and summarized. Here are the findings pertinent to ADHD medications and two additional medications that might be used by some of you for co-occurring conditions.

On December the 14th CADDAC sent a letter to Barbara Sabourin, the Director General of the Therapeutics Product Directorate, Health Products and Food Branch of Health Canada summarizing the findings of a recent joint survey  on mental health medications, and in particular issues that have been reported with generic medications. You can access the complete letter Here