Has your child/teen moved to an online learning format in response to COVID-19 precautions? For kids and teens living with ADHD, this could be challenging. So we’ve developed Online Learning Benefits, Issues, Strategies for Children and Adolescents with ADHD as well as the template letter below that you can send to teachers/educators to initiate a plan for successful online learning.

If you use this letter and/or Online Learning guide we would love to hear from you! Email us communications@caddac.ca.

Dear __________________________

I/We are reaching out to you today in regards to the start of    [   teacher-led online learning on Monday, April 6   ]   . I/We are requesting to be copied on any communication sent to our son/daughter regrading expectations, assignments and instructions. As you know ______________ has special education needs and will require our assistance at home as well as that of the educational support staff that has been working with her/him this past school year.

I/We would like to arrange a way to communicate with those assigned to working with ______________. This will allow me/us to ask questions that may arise and also for staff to share guidance on how to I/we can assist ______________ in her/his learning tasks and assignments.

I/We feel that being able to continue the supports and accommodations that ______________ receives at school such as altered instruction, chunking assignments,   [   add additional accommodations listed in the education plan that you feel are required    ]    is essential. Please advise us on how this will occur and how I/we can assist.

During these stressful times we are aware that ______________ will likely experience more anxiety than other students due to changes in her/his learning environment. I/We hope to work with you to ensure that ______________ receives the support she/he needs and to set up the best learning environment possible in this difficult situation.

I/We look forward to hearing from you and working with you in supporting ______________.


[   Sign your name(s) here   ]