ADHD Students’ Rights to Education

 Students with ADHD have an automatic right to attend class for the same amount of time as their typical peers. They are not required to earn these rights!

  • The only time a shortened day would be an option is to allow for a student’s slower integration into a program. This should only be a temporary option. Shortened days are not an option if the sole beneficiary is a school with inadequate staff, resources or if the school lacks a plan to deal with the student’s needs. The school needs to find a way for the student to remain at school for the entire day. It is not a matter of IF the student can attend for the entire day.
  • If educators do not have sufficient knowledge to manage a student’s behavior they are required to contact the board’s behavioural experts. A written behavior plan should be developed after a meeting so the plan can be revisited and assessed. A meeting alone is not sufficient.
  • Suspension for “disability-related” behavior in unacceptable.

Questions to ask:

  • How will suspension help the child to correct their behavior?
  • Does the student have a good understanding of why they where suspended?
  • Do the parents feel the suspension will favourably impact the child’s behavior in the future?
  • Is the suspension of a student with ADHD “a failure to accommodate” under Human Rights?
  • How are the suspensions impacting the student’s self-esteem?
  • How will the suspension impact the student academically?