School Observation List

Things to Observe

While observing try to be as objective as possible – documenting specific examples can be helpful

Observations of the Child

How often is the child off task? Is this due to distractibility, daydreaming, hyperactivity and / or impulsivity? Give examples.

Is he/she child able to understand and then follow the teacher’s instructions?

If not, what seems to be the issue?

Are they able to begin tasks and then work independently, and for how long?

Are they productive? Do they get their work done on time, and if not why not?

Are they hyperactive, describe presentation.

Are they able to deal with transitions – if not give examples?

Do they get along with their peers? – Are they accepted into social circles?

Do they display mood regulation issues? Are they irritable, become easily frustrated and find it difficult to deal with frustration?

Easy to anger and do they stay angry longer?

Can they walk away when confronted or annoyed?

If specific interactions can be charted on the ABC chart, do so.

Try and observe for EF impairments which may be quite obvious.

Observations of the Classroom

Is the classroom a welcoming positive environment in general and specifically for this child?

Is the classroom structured and organized?

Are there distractions that can be removed?

Where does the child sit in the classroom?

Are there any external reminders being used in the classroom?

Are there any accommodations currently being implemented for any other children?

 Observations of the Teacher

How does the teacher keep discipline in the classroom?

Does the teacher seem to understand ADHD as a medical impairment?

Does the teacher teach in an interesting engaging style, using several modalities?

After work assignments are given does the teacher move around the classroom ensuring students understood the instructions and assisting students with the assignment?

Observations of the other Children

How do they treat the child with ADHD?

Are there other children in the classroom that are friendly and or helpful to the child with ADHD?

How do they generally treat each other and other children with impairments?

Is there any apparent bullying or teasing occurring?

Observations of the School

Is the school a welcoming positive environment in general and specifically for this child?

Does the principal or staff have any knowledge about ADHD?

Is there any apparent bullying or teasing occurring?

Does the school have a policy about this?