Doctors Challenge BC Government to take Action on ADHD

CADDAC National Director

This morning CADDAC and CADDRA sent out a Media Release on the issue of lack of adequate ADHD medication coverage under BC Pharmacare.

Since British Columbia is behind other provinces in providing a full range of medication treatment options for ADHD CADDAC, CADDRA and BC physicians have begun an advocacy campaign to let the BC government know that the current situation is seriously limiting treatment options for those accessing BC Pharmacare. Currently Ritalin and Dexadrine are the only medications for the treatment of individuals with ADHD fully covered by BC Pharmacare. Concerta is the only long-acting medication and it is restricted to Special Authority Request (only for the paediatric population after failing on Ritalin and Dexedrine).

Physicians with an interest in the treatment of ADHD are being asked to write letters expressing their concern. Please access BC Pharmacare Medication Coverage for more detailed information on the current situation, a copy of the latest letter sent to Minister Lake, and the BC Letter Writing Guide to assist physicians in writing and sending a letter to the BC government. 

If you live in BC and this issue is of importance to you, we ask that you bring this advocacy campaign to your physician’s attention.

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