Disability Tax Credit Follow-up

CADDAC National Director

This is a follow-up on an earlier post that informed you that CADDAC and CADDRA sent a joint letter to Senator Munson and Minister Lebouthillier in early February of this year, stating that the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) appears to be restricting access to the Disability Tax Credit (DTC) for those impaired by Attention Hyperactivity Deficit Disorder (ADHD) and other neurodevelopmental disorders (e.g. Autism).

In this letter CADDRA and CADDAC recommend that:

1.That the Disability Tax Credit be more easily accessible to significantly impaired individuals with ADHD and their families to assist in the immediate provision of evidence-based support and care, as well as the long-term support provided by the Registered Disability Savings Program (RDSP).

2. That the government recognizes and accepts the expertise of qualified health care practitioners who complete the Disability Tax Credit application for their patients.

3. That the Minister of Finance revises the Disability Tax Credit eligibility criteria so that impairments in problem solving, goal setting and judgment need not be present together to establish Disability Tax Credit eligibility and that a greater recognition of executive function deficits be acknowledged.  

4. That a CADDRA representative be invited to sit on the Disability Advisory Committee.

Since that time CADDAC and CADDRA received responses from the Minister of National Revenue and a response from the Minister of Finance, Minister of National Revenue to the chair of the Senate Standing Committee on Social Affairs, Science and Technology acknowledging receipt of the letter and requesting recommendation be sent to the Disability Advisory Committee.

The full report from the Disability Advisory Committee has recently been released.

Access a summary of information pulled from the report that would be of interest to individuals and families affected by ADHD and professionals working in the field HERE 

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