Daniel's Journey

Helpless, Daniel's mom noted signs of ADHD in her young son. Managing his impulsive behaviour and intense feelings strained their small family to the limits of love. Friends offered baseless advice; the family met stark and painful teacher biases every school year. The heartrending decision to pursue diagnosis wasn't a perfect solution - there was still that sinking feeling of defeat each time they arrived at the school to hear a long list of everything that Daniel had done wrong.

No student should endure years of harassment and bullying modelled by teachers like Daniel has. The toxic aftereffects of his primary years poisoned every one of his friendships. Instead of care, Daniel was ensnared in a culture of bullying that made him the helpless victim time and again.

Resigned that he’d never be free of the scars from his early classroom experiences, Daniel's family nonetheless helped him move schools. Even then, they saw his isolation from the bright warmth of community. There was no easy camaraderie among friends for Daniel. No best friend nor casual gang of kids that accepted him for who he was. The price of friendship was one Daniel couldn’t – and wouldn’t – pay: conforming to the cruel standard of people who constantly harped on his early differences due to his ADHD.

Daniel reflects on how his desperate bids for friendship were derided by children he had known since…well, since forever. The lasting effects from toxic relationships have irreversibly damaged his mental health:

“My kindness was seen as weakness, and I was treated poorly. When I tried to exert my independence and my strength, I was laughed at. I just want to start on a fresh slate where I can't be judged…so people can see me for who I am and not this picture that was created of me.”

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