Conquering the World with ADHD

Shelly-Ann McMorris

This was submitted to #ADHDSpeaks for ADHD Awareness Month. This month’s we’re focusing on ADHD in women and girls as it often goes underrecognized and underdiagnosed. Thanks to Larissa, 17 from BC for their brave and important words!

Hi my name is Larissa,

I was diagnosed with ADHD at the young age of 7 and have been conquering the world ever since.

ADHD is a neurological disorder that effects over a million Canadian adults, and 1 out of 30 school aged children. ADHD tends to run in the family for example a lot of my family has it. I want people to know that mental illness and ADHD are not always visible. It is so important to know that ADHD can effect anyone, no matter age, gender, or race.

Without proper treatment, depending on the severity of ADHD, it can really effect a person’s ability to live a successful and fulfilling life.

I take medication for my ADHD, but not everyone does. Without my medication, I am unable to work, attend school, drive, complete daily tasks, and achieve my goals and dreams.

ADHD also has it’s positives though, as it does not affect a person’s intelligence. In fact it’s proven that we are some of the most creative, adventurous, outgoing, and resilient people.

I want everyone to know that ADHD is something you can’t control, and it’s not your fault. There’s gonna people in your life that won’t like you for your ADHD quirks, flaws, and hyperactivity. My advice, be you! Don’t change for anyone because there’s only one of you in this world. Find People in your life who will love you for who you are. End the stigma, show the world who you truly are.

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