Conference presenter Margaret Foster to talk Executive Functioning

CADDAC National Director

Join us to learn all about Executive Functioning and how to boost these skills during the 7th annual CADDAC conference!

Executive functioning impacts our functioning almost every minute of every day. Recent research tells us that impairment in this area is a major issue for many with ADHD, and the cause of much daily functional impairment.

This is the area of expertise of our featured Saturday CADDAC conference speaker Margaret Foster. Margaret is a learning specialist, the founder and Director of the Learning Network, and the co-author of Boosting Executive Skills in the Classroom: A Practical Guide for Educators.

Targeting the entire audience in the morning, Margaret will present on Executive Functioning (EF) through the lifespan: When do executive functioning skills begin to emerge? How do we nurture them? What interferes with their development? And finally, what happens when these skills don’t emerge in a timely fashion? The most recent research in the field of executive functioning (2014/15) will also be covered. Margaret will look at the home, the school, the classroom, and the individual student, identifying strategies that promote executive functioning for all.

The afternoon will feature two breakout sessions covering practical home and school strategies.

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