Comment on Toronto Star's Article "ADHD can be your superpower"

Reading the title of this article, ADHD can be your super power immediately caused me a great deal of concern and I am sure angered many of the millions of Canadians impaired by ADHD. While this article is attempting to be uplifting, and the message that those with ADHD can find fulfilling careers is a good one, many adults with ADHD will find this article very disheartening and frustrating. It makes it seem that those with ADHD just need a diagnosis, some coaching and a good assistant to handle all the paperwork and they’ll be good to go. ADHD is on a spectrum from mild to severe and most often comes with coexisting mental health disorders.  Finding a medical professional who is trained in ADHD and not charging a hefty fee over OHIP to assess for and diagnose ADHD is an extreme challenge. Proven treatments such as CBT therapy and coaching are not covered by provincial health care and are extremely expensive.  The good news is that while research substantiates that ADHD can significantly impair learning these children can succeed in school when supported. But, how can we expect adults with ADHD to find fulfilling careers when many of our school boards and the Ontario Ministry of Education do not recognize ADHD as a disability allowing these students to access special education resources.  So, let’s please also discuss the many barriers that still exist for those with ADHD.

This comment has also been sent to the Toronto Star.

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