After serving individuals and families affected by ADHD for 15 years, CADDAC has officially become a charity in February 2020. We are the only national charity focusing on ADHD. Moving ahead, we plan to further expand our resources and programs to help those affected by ADHD. Hence we will be launching two new self-funded programs in 2021:

Group Coaching Program for adolescents and adults

Helps teach individuals with ADHD the critical life skills they need to live a successful and happy life. Issues with executive functions, emotional regulation, and attention will be addressed.


Family Navigation Program

Helps families and individuals affected by ADHD find appropriate resources in their community.

Thousands across Canada will benefit from these programs once they are in place.

Yet we cannot do this alone.

We need supporters like you to help us with our next steps. You can help us bridge the gap in bringing these programs from plans to reality with a donation. To make a donation, please visit our Facebook Fundraiser (we receive 100% of the funds raised from Facebook) or alternatively at

There are no limits to what a person with

ADHD can achieve if given the right tools.

Thank you for your continued support to CADDAC. We will share more with you as we launch these programs to the community.

Top Image credit: Photo by Ali Kokab on Unsplash