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Over the years it has been a pain in the ass, employers think I’m not paying attention or get
frustrated when I take longer to learn something thus resulting in getting fired or a bad attitude
from certain individuals or some people interpret my friendliness as flirting or it also attracts a
type of personality that are insure in themselves so they feel the need to try and pick on me or
others like me.

Which leads me to my next experience, I’m starting my own business this spring which I’m super
excited for but remaining focused on one task and not bouncing around like a rubber ball can be
a challenge at times especially the administration of it!

However as life goes on I’m learning how to use my ADHD and draw on it as strength and not a
weakness as some perceive it too be.

Especially while in the planning and startup phase of my business when I’m “hyper focused” I
can accomplish a lot in a day as well my impulsivity in this case does aid me in decision making
as with a lot of choices to make your first one is often the right one, regardless of the outcome
being positive or negative they both offer valuable experiences as I’ve never tried being an
entrepreneur before.

It’s honestly really hard to sum up in a email, ADHD.

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