Canadian Celebrities Speak Up About ADHD – You Can Too

CADDAC National Director

Canadian celebrities Patrick McKenna, Tazz Norris, Rick Green, Simon Rakoff, and Zoe Kessler all have adult ADHD. They have all sent in their personal thoughts on ADHD by sharing their selfie videos with CADDAC. Just like you can!

These videos are being shared on CADDAC’s social networks throughout October, ADHD Awareness Month. Additional videos will be added over the up-coming months as they come in.

Check out the videos on CADDAC’s YouTube Channel.

Why we also need to hear your voice on ADHD

When adults with ADHD and parents of kids with ADHD get together it is actually difficult to get them to stop talking about their experiences. They freely voice their frustration with the continued lack of understanding of ADHD by non-ADHDers along with the overabundance of judgment and unsolicited advice they receive from those who know nothing about ADHD. Imagine someone telling a parent of a child with any other type of medical disorder that they should ignore the advice of medical experts, the consensus of medical associations across the world and decades of research, and trust their uneducated advice.

So while we at CADDAC hear all about your experiences, thoughts, frustrations  and heartaches, the rest of the world, the government representatives and decision makers, the media and public and all those ill-informed optioned people are not being informed by your life experiences.

They need to hear about ADHD’s impact on your lives; what caring committed parents you are; what great employees you are, or could be with a few accommodations. They need to hear about the lack of resources for ADHD, that it is a life long struggle and how hurtful their misplaced judgment really is.

Things won’t change unless everyone speaks up about ADHD!

Join the ADHD Speaks movement. Send in your video and audio recordings along with your written stories. Write or call your elected officials and tell them you do care about ADHD and want to see change happen.

Go to to see how you can help.


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