Becoming an ADHD Coach

Wendy Communications Coordinator

I listened to a piece on adult ADHD on CBC radio and my internal voice grew growing louder and louder ... Yes! Yes! Yes! Finally good content on ADHD!!!! This inspired me to share my story.

Since my son was diagnosed with ADHD and Dysphasia 10 years ago, I have refused to believe that his life would be limited by his condition. I have been immersed in a quest to empower my child to achieve his goals and dreams. Since then I have been following experts, reading everything that landed on my hands as well as participating in seminars covering the subject of ADHD and learning challenges.

With time I came to realize that I am fascinated by the adolescence and young adult years, a crucial time in our lives when we are transitioning from childhood to adulthood.   The coincidence of having a child with a neurobiological condition gave me the opportunity among other things to question my values and beliefs.  Education and diversity became top priorities in my list and without realizing I entered in the fascinating world of coaching and the power of our mind.

I am currently taking Professional and Personal Coach Certificate program at Concordia University as the first step of my journey to become ADHD/Executive Function Coach. I want to promote the benefits of ADHD coaching as a valuable process in the life of people with ADHD and learning challenges.  I want to partner up with researchers, professionals and educational institutions that believe in diversity, innovation and that all individuals have potential to fulfill their dreams. So together we can bring meaningful changes in the educational system and society as a whole.

I am very passionate about ADHD.

Submitted by Liliana Turecki

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