ADHD Awareness Resources

These documents have been designed to assist with building awareness of ADHD, providing up-to-date ADHD medical information on ADHD, debunking myths on ADHD, and reducing misunderstanding and stigma about ADHD.

Please print, post and electronically share these documents (in their entirety with the CADDAC logo and copyright) with others who may not be as informed about ADHD.


The Real Facts about ADHD

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is NOT a disorder of undisciplined overactive boys. It is a real, complex, multifaceted, often life-long neurobiological disorder that affects people of both genders and all ages. READ MORE

The Socioeconomic Costs of ADHD

The impairing effects of ADHD increase costs to healthcare, education, labour, social services and the justice system. They impede the attainment of human and social capital, resulting in increased socioeconomic costs for Canada. These costs are further fuelled by the continued under-diagnosis and under-treatment of ADHD. READ MORE

ADHD Awareness Month Posters

These posters have been developed to be printed and posted throughout your community: in schools, community centers, arenas, pharmacies, doctor’s offices, hospitals, stores and anywhere else you can think of during ADHD Awareness Month.


General 1

General 2

General 3

Children 1

Children 2

ADHD Infographic

Share this infographic electronically, post it on your web site or Facebook page or use it as a poster or handout.



View and share video clips of parents, adults and Rick Greene of TotallyADD speaking about ADHD and a public service announcements by Rick Greene

PSAs on ADHD by Rick Greene–hI

Video of Mark adult with ADHD

Video of Jenn mother of a son with ADHD

Video of Linda mother of a son with ADHD

ADHD Stories

These stories put a face on the wide variety of presentations of ADHD symptoms in the hope for better understanding. READ MORE