The Assessment and Diagnosis of Childhood and Teen ADHD

There are a variety of medical professionals that may assess/diagnose (and treat) ADHD:

  • Child and adolescent psychiatrist
  • Developmental Pediatrician
  • Neurologist (with ADHD training)
  • Psychologist (with ADHD training) – Psychologists do not prescribe medication
  • General Pediatrician (with ADHD training)
  • Family Physician (with ADHD training)

Specialist physicians will require a referral from your family physician.


The assessment and diagnosis of ADHD by a physician is generally covered by your provincial health care plan, however always ask if any additional fees will be charged. Some private clinics may charge additional fees.

Psychological Testing

Psychologists are not covered by provincial health care plans, but may be partially covered by private health coverage. Speak to the psychologist prior to contacting your private provider.

Children with ADHD do not require psychoeducational testing for an ADHD assessment unless the
coexistence of a learning disability is a strong possibility.


Psychoeducational testing is not required to access post-secondary accommodations.  A report from the treating ADHD physician outlining impairments is acceptable.

ADHD in the Post-Secondary Education System

Important Things to Know About the Health Care Professional that you choose:

  • Their expertise in the area of ADHD
  • Their accreditation and registration (pertinent to a psychologist’s ability to diagnosis)
  • What is the current wait time?
  • Do they provide long term follow-up care?
  • Is a full screening for other potential medical disorders part of the assessment process?

Information on what should be involved in a thorough assessment, psychological testing and the requirements for a diagnosis.