Are Spinner Fidget Toys Helpful to Children with ADHD?

CADDAC National Director

Spinner toys, the newest craze, are being marketed as appropriate fidget toys that increase the focus of children with ADHD.  They actually have the opposite effect.  These claims are simply a marketing stunt to encourage parents to purchase the toy for their children with ADHD. If you are wondering if these toys might be useful for your child please read Dr. Doron Almagor’s article in the Huffington Post before running out to purchase a spinner.  Dr. Almagor,  a Canadian child and adolescent psychiatrist specializing in ADHD, points out that movement of a manipulative, or fidget toy, should stimulate the child’s brain just enough to keep their focus engaged on something other than the toy, like their teacher.  Repetitive or unintentional movement is what helps the ADHD brain focus. These spinners actually draw a child’s focus to the toy and away from where their focus needs to be.

Hopefully false claims such as these, designed to market products to children with disabilities and their parents, will be called out and the companies fined.

Access Dr. Almagor’s article Here.

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