Announcing Club ADHD, A Place for Adults to Get Together Online

CADDAC National Director

By Russ LeBlanc

As we travel down the road of life, you’re bound to hit a few potholes… make that some VERY BIG potholes. Logic tells us, after experiencing these types of potholes, we should pull over, take some time to access the damage, get things fixed then resume the journey. As for me, after experiencing one of these large life potholes, I’ve been known to take my hands off of the wheel, turn my focus to the rear-view mirror and start cursing that damn pothole as I quickly head to the nearest cliff. So why am I “different”? Well, after years trying to figure that out, I finally happened upon the answer… I was living life with ADHD! I now felt LIBERATED and I wanted to tell my family, friends, and even total strangers! I quickly learned that finding out you “have” ADHD is usually a good thing. “Telling” people you have ADHD is usually a not such good thing.

No matter if you look at your ADHD as a good, bad, or indifferent “thing”, the fact remains… there’s a lot of misinformation being circulated “out there” about the so called “disorder” and the people who state they have it. As a result, many ADHDers’ choose to keep the condition hidden (and in some situations, they made the right decision) as they try to lead a “normal” life (or at least the perception of a “normal” life). All this isn’t easy because it’s tough being a round peg when life is a square hole.

As for me, I’ve had the opportunity to work with CADDAC for several years and for that I am thankful to be working with people who “get it”. There’s no need to “pretend”. ADHD is real and the people who have “it” are not insane, we just have a different thinking process (compared to “normal” people). Over those years, and during many a CADDAC conference, I keep hearing the same thing from those attending. “It’s great to be in a room where I can be myself!” These people wanted this feeling to last forever!

In getting back to the initial paragraph, my life hasn’t been one big pothole. I have the pleasure of been married for a long, long time to my high school (and very understanding) sweetheart and we have been blessed with two successful siblings along with one impressive grandchild plus (OK, so I’m partial). I’ve also been able to pursue one of my childhood passions… broadcasting. I’ve had a pretty impressive career (at least on paper) and as a result, some people refer to me as a “communications expert”. Perhaps it’s my ability to help solve (usually, other people’s) problems with a creative communication based solution? Perhaps. Speaking of which, I’d like to tell you about something brand new. It’s something I’m very passionate and excited about… it’s “Club ADHD”! Club ADHD consists of three elements: a Facebook group page, a Twitter account, and a podcast and it’s all presented by CADDAC! It’s a place created for people with Adult ADHD... a place where we can be ourselves! As your (ADHD) host, I look forward to help create an atmosphere where we all don’t have to pretend. Together we can share our ADHD good times and “challenging” times. In doing so, we all might be able to learn a thing or two. Who knows? We may even create an idea to help replace society’s misinformation (about ADHD) with real facts! Note: Part of my “job” is to help create a relaxed atmosphere. A place to enjoy and learn from.

So why not take the next step and visit the CLUB ADHD facebook page to find out more about a place where we ADHDers’ can be ourselves? Just think, the thought alone could help make a person want to start filling potholes!

Club ADHD Facebook Page Link

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