Advocacy in Action

CADDAC National Director

On Tuesday May 12, a CADDAC delegation had a great day at Queen’s Park. Building off the momentum of Mental Health Awareness Week (May 4-10), CADDAC Executive Director Heidi Bernhardt, Dr. John Tucker and Dr. Doron Almagor spoke with representatives from various ministries to raise awareness about ADHD and advocating for increased support and treatment options for those in impacted by this disorder.

In these discussions, CADDAC was able to advocate and raise awareness with numerous Ministry officials, including those from Health and Long-Term Care, Children and Youth Services, Education, Community and Social Services, and the Office of the Attorney-General.

As ADHD is one of those illness that continues to be lost in a haze of social stigmas and lack of understanding, these efforts are particularly important.

It is part of CADDAC’s mandate to take a leadership role in the advocacy of ADHD in all areas that affect people with ADHD, including education, health, support, employment, regulatory bodies and resources. These efforts were part of CADDAC’s efforts to fulfill this mandate, as we continue to strive to network with government, professional organizations, health care providers, educators and all other stakeholders to improve the lives of people with ADHD.

It’s time ADHD is seen for what it really is: a complex, multifaceted, often life-long mental health disorder that significantly impacts people’s lives, the lives of those closest to them, and society as a whole.

CADDAC is thankful to all the open dialogue of the day and appreciates the opportunity to work with the Government of Ontario moving forward.

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