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Webinar: Sleep in children with ADHD – Dr. Penny Corkum 

Children with ADHD are at increased risk for sleep problems, particularly insomnia. We will provide information about the nature of this relationship and what is known about the treatment of insomnia in children with ADHD. We will also describe how the Better Nights, Better Days intervention has been modified to help children with ADHD sleep better.

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ADHD: High School to College & University – Planning Ahead for a  Successful Transition 

Dr. Joan Flood

The transition to post-secondary school is exciting and daunting for all young adults, especially those with ADHD. Students are expected to self-manage their time, care for themselves, hand assignments in, and prepare for exams with little outside help.

Learn how to plan for post-secondary years.  How do you choose the best school? Do you take a full or partial course load?  Connecting with your school’s academic support centre and working for accommodations that ease the burden can mean the difference between walking out with a degree or burning out.  Knowing how to navigate college and university life is the way to ensure success!

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Adult ADHD and Substance Use Disorders-What’s the Deal?

Dr. David Teplin

This webinar addresses the commonly observed overlap between Adult ADHD and Substance Use Disorders. While each are independent disorders, there are several factors involved as to why there exists such high overlap rates, both in ADHD clinical settings, as well as in addiction treatment settings. Some emphasis will also be placed on the issues of assessment, diagnosis and treatment, including the notion of an integrated treatment approach.

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The Impact of ADHD on the Child, Parents, Siblings and the Family as a Whole

Parents whose child has been diagnosed with ADHD commonly transition through emotional stages while working their way to acceptance of the disorder. Parents and caregivers as well as those who work with families dealing with ADHD can benefit greatly if they know what these stages look like. How ADHD impacts the individual child with ADHD and other family members will be reviewed as well as what research tells us about how ADHD can impact family functioning as a whole. The question of how and when to inform a child about their ADHD will also be discussed.

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ADHD in the home, Parenting and Behavioural Strategies

ADHD is not due to lazy parenting! In fact, parenting children with ADHD requires far more time and energy and the use of specialized skills. Some guiding principles and general messages to parents/ care givers will be reviewed before we look some specifics of how to interact with and monitor children with ADHD.  How we interpret “bad behavior” and how we deal with it will impact not only the child’s functioning but our relationship with that child for years to come. Organizational and problem solving strategies will be reviewed as well as external reminders, motivators and rewards.  Steps to creating a home care plan will be the final topic.  
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ADHD and Executive Functioning Webinar

ADHD is often accompanied by impairment or weakness in Executive Functioning. Executive functions are the mental processes that enable us to plan ahead, evaluate the past, start and finish a task and manage our time. They can affect what we do in the present and also how we plan and organize for the future.  As we grow older, executive functioning skills become more crucial. Join us for this 1 hour webinar and learn how EF impairment impacts functioning at home and in the school setting.
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ADHD and School Advocacy

This is a 3-part webinar series

ADHD and School Advocacy Part 1
Understanding your Province’s Special Education system and how ADHD is recognized within this system is paramount when advocating for your child. This presentation will cover differences in Special Education systems across the provinces and the pros and cons with various systems and how this impacts a student’s rights. The fear of labeling will be covered as well as what the general goals should be when working with a school and advocating for your child.

ADHD and School Advocacy Part 2
This presentation will focus on the exceptionality special education system in Ontario. Categories of exceptionality include the recent Ministry of Education Memorandum, understanding and navigating the IPRC process, and how to use third party reports to your benefit. 

ADHD and School Advocacy Part 3
This presentation will focus on how to become a proactive advocate for your child on the school system.  Developing a good IEP is an essential part of advocating for your child in the school system. Tips on how to accomplish this will be discussed. A students’ rights around full day school attendance, suspensions and field trips will also be covered.

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ADHD and Learning

While ADHD is not a learning disability it can significantly impact a student’s ability to learn and impair academic achievement. On average, children with ADHD have problems completing assignments, receive lower grades in academic subjects, and score lower on standardized tests. Over half of children with ADHD who are taught in general classrooms fail at least one grade by adolescence and over 1/3 will not finish high school. This 1 hour webinar is designed to help parents understand the impact ADHD has on learning and discuss the key to assisting their child find success at school. Cost $10 (free for members)

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ADHD Treatment

Myths and hype regarding ADHD treatment and management, often leads to confusion. This presentation will help clarify what the evidence says, what the guidelines teach, what tools to use, and what families and individuals with ADHD need to know to improve overall quality of life. Cost $10 (free for members)

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ADHD and the Workplace

This presentation will review potential strengths and impairments ADHD symptoms could cause in the workplace, how to assess these and if and how the employee might discuss this with their employer. The focus will be on potential strategies and accommodations that can be implemented for specific impairments and settings. Cost $10 (free for members)

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Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD) and Collaborative Productive Solutions

Symptoms of Opposition Defiant Disorder (ODD) are commonly seen in children with ADHD. What is ODD? Is it a real disorder and how can we rethink ODD to gain a better understanding of what is going on?

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Emotional Dysregulation and the use of the ABC Chart

This presentation will look at the consequences of emotional regulation impairment and why it is so common in those with ADHD. Ways to assist children, adolescents and adults with emotional regulation will be discussed. What the ABC chart is and how it can be used to assist with emotional dysregulation will be covered. Cost $10 (free for members)
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