ADHD: High School to College & University – Planning Ahead for a  Successful Transition

Webinar presented by Dr. Joan Flood

The transition to post-secondary school is exciting and daunting for all young adults, especially those with ADHD.  On the one hand, students are hopefully engaged in subjects that hold their interest and are more relevant to their future aspirations.  On the other, this is a world of adults – students are expected to self-manage their time, care for themselves, hand assignments in, and prepare for exams with little outside help.  No more parents or teachers hovering nearby to lend a hand.  There is newfound freedom and access to many temptations.  How can you as a student or a concerned parent best prepare for this new life?

Learn how to plan for post-secondary years.  How do you choose the best school? Do you take a full or partial course load?  Connecting with your school’s academic support centre and working for accommodations that ease the burden can mean the difference between walking out with a degree or burning out.  Knowing how to navigate college and university life is the way to ensure success!