Scholarships and Bursaries – Post Secondary

Mattinson Endowment Fund Scholarship for Disabled Students
Launch date: May 6 (appx – see website to verify: )

Fields of study: All disciplines are eligible
Type of award: Applicable towards full-time studies of a first undergraduate degree.

  • Candidates must be Canadian citizens or have lived in Canada for at least two years as permanent residents.
  • Candidates must be diagnosed with a documented permanent disability that is the primary disability for which they are applying.
  • Candidates must have a minimum average of 75%

Value: $2,500
Number available: Depending on funds available
Duration: One year; may be renewed upon re-application.
Eligible institutions: Any Canadian degree-granting institution or community college where the applicant is following a degree program under the college-university transfer system.
For more information: Contact
As quoted from source: * “A permanent disability is a permanent functional limitation resulting from a physical, sensory or mental health impairment or a learning disability which affects the ability of the student to perform the activities necessary to participate fully in post-secondary learning”.

Floyd Laughren Bursary
The Justin Eves Foundation in co-operation with the Cambrian College and the Government of Ontario has established the Floyd Laughren Bursary. Floyd Laughren, from the Sudbury Region is the former Minister of Finance for the Province of Ontario.
The Floyd Laughren Bursary is administered by the Glen Crombie Centre for Disability Services at Cambrian College.
The Structure of the bursary is as follows:

  • Available to a student with a learning disability in any program area at Cambrian College.
  • Consideration for students with demonstrated financial need.
  • Consideration for students who display a sincere effort and commitment to their academic endeavours.
  • Nominations are accepted from faculty and peers.
  • Final selection made by a committee including the Director and staff of the Glen Crombie Centre for Disability Services.

For further information please to go Cambrian College Disability Services at 

OSAP Disability Bursary
A Disability Bursary is available through the Ontario Ministry of Education. Available in May, deadline based on length of your study period.
This bursary provides up to $2,000 per academic year for students with permanent or temporary disabilities who require education-related services or equipment, such as tutors, note-takers, interpreters, braillers or technical aids, that are directly related to their disability.
You may be eligible if you:

  • have applied and are eligible for OSAP for Full-Time Students and have at least $1 in calculated need; or
  • have applied and are eligible for an Ontario Special Bursary if you are a part-time student;


  • are enrolled full-time or part-time in a program at a designated postsecondary institution;
  • are an Ontario resident as defined under either OSAP for Full-Time Students and/or the Ontario Special Bursary Program.
  • have a permanent or temporary disability
  • have disability-related educational costs (e.g. note-takers, vision/learning aids) that result from your disability and are not covered by another agency.

See: for all eligibility details.
How to apply: Applicants are advised to complete their application with the assistance of staff from their school’s Office for Students with Disabilities. If your school does not have an Office for Students with Disabilities, you may contact the Ministry for assistance as per instructions on the application. Use the Application for Bursary for Students with Disabilities and Canada Student Grant for Services and Equipment for Persons with Permanent Disabilities (BSWD/CSG-PDSE). For students attending a public college or university in Ontario, applications must be submitted to the Financial Aid Office at their school. For students attending a private institution in Ontario or who are studying outside Ontario, applications must be mailed to the Ministry. For complete details see the instructions on the BSWD/CSG-PDSE application.

“DCCI Scholarship for Canadian Students with Disabilities”

Disability Credit Canada is committed to helping young disabled Canadians achieve their goals in higher education or vocational training towards employment and we are proud to be offering the “DCCI Scholarship for Canadian Students with Disabilities”

The annual scholarship winner will be awarded $1,000 towards their tuition to an accredited Canadian post-secondary institution. The scholarship will be awarded to a Canadian high school student with a documented disability who is pursuing post-secondary education in the field of study in health care, criminal justice or community & social services at an accredited Canadian institution for the upcoming academic year 2020/2021.

Who Is Eligible to Apply?

  • Applicant must be currently registered to a full-time program of study in the field of study in health care, criminal justice or community & social services at an accredited Canadian post-secondary college or university
  • Applicant must be a Canadian citizens or permanent resident of Canada
  • Applicant must have a documented disability
  • Applicant must be under 20 years of age at time of application

How Do I Apply for the “DCCI Scholarship for Canadian Students with Disabilities”?

Submit an original essay of 500-700 words with the following topic: “How your disability shaped your decision to study the program you chose”
The following documents must be provided for consideration:

  • Proof of graduating high school in 2020
  • Proof of Fall 2020 acceptance to an accredited post-secondary institution (proof or registration to health care, criminal justice or community & social services studies will be required before scholarship is awarded)
  • Proof of Canadian citizenship or permanent residency
  • Documented proof of disability

Application Deadline

All applicants must submit essay & required documents no later than 6PM EST, July 31, 2020.

Award Procedure

  • Only essays with qualified documents will be considered
  • Essays will be reviewed by Disability Credit Canada staff members and will be evaluated based on the originality, quality & merit
  • Winner will be notified by August 31, 2020 and scholarship will be awarded upon receipt of proof of registration to a qualified program.

For more information please visit the website HERE

To investigate other sources of financial aid, students should contact:
Their institution’s Special Needs services, Access the websites of the –

National Education Association of Disabled Students at: