Parents with ADHD

ADHD is highly hereditary. Children with ADHD are two to eight times more likely to have a parent with ADHD, so it is very likely that once a child is diagnosed one or both of their parents may become aware of their own ADHD symptoms.  When one of the parents also has ADHD implementing appropriate parenting strategies becomes much more of a challenge. The undiagnosed and untreated parent will find it much more difficult to follow a parenting plan, resulting in a pattern of inconsistent parenting. In addition, the untreated parent’s own issues with frustration and emotional dysregulation will result in parenting driven by emotion, increasing turmoil and stress within the family. This is why it is essential that all family members with ADHD be assessed and treated.
Coaching, support groups and even online forums can be helpful parents looking for guidance on a personal level.

We have put together a number of helpful websites that provide tips and insight for those wanting to find advice on how to improve their parenting skills, when they also have ADHD.

Parenting Tips for Adults with ADHD

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