CADDAC 2018 Accomplishments


Web site

  • The additional of new material and up-dates of existing material continued throughout 2018
  • After consulting with a communications company, the website was slightly redesigned to feature the ADHD Speaks campaign and highlight social media platforms, membership and information on who CADDAC is and what CADDAC does
  • Website visits – 141,345 during 2018 to 1st week in December

Social Media

  • This year we again had significant growth in our social media following on all platforms especially after the ADHD Speaks campaign began
  • Scheduled Facebook posts are occurring twice weekly and tweets three times a week
  • East coast targeted advertising was purchased on Facebook for our conference which resulted on increased awareness and membership purchases on the east coast
  • CADDAC Homepage, Facebook and Awareness Month pages were edited to feature ADHD Speaks with many, many social media posts linking to these pages
  • 28 Blog posts we uploaded during 2018 on a variety of awareness, advocacy, and health and education related issues
  • The blog was frequently linked to documents and campaigns featured on the website increasing web site traffic
  • 24 Club ADHD podcasts – over 9000+ hours have been downloaded thus far with approximately  12,000 downloads – Facebook discussion group 600 followers
    • Player FM” added “Club ADHD the Podcast” to its list of “Best ADHD podcasts for 2018!” Player FM is a world-wide company.
    • itunes, Stitcher, and Google Podcasts have chosen to carry “Club ADHD the Podcast” on their list of podcasts
    • Radio Public now carries the podcast PLUS
    • “Club ADHD the Podcast” has been added to a “Best of ADHD Podcasts” list which is featured on Pinterest

General Outreach

  • 36 newsletters delivered
  • Rehab Matters Article series on Adult ADHD with CADDRA
  • Meeting with Anna Demasi, Director of Operations and Fardous Hosseiny, Director of Public Policy and GR for CMHA on January the 17th to discuss their lack of information on ADHD – following the call sent them quite a bit of our ADHD information- followed up with them 6 months after their promise to make information available as they have not yet done so
  • Adult ADHD article for Abilities Magazine
  • CADDAC was contacted by people thinking of starting 4 new ADHD support groups – meetings occurred and the groups were developed – we now have 51 ADHD support groups across Canada listed on our site
  • Continued communication with ADHD groups across Canada
  • Organized two community events and the conference with input from local ADHD support groups and stakeholders in the area
  • Canadian support groups were contacted about the national ADHD Speaks campaign
  • Contacted child and mental health agencies regarding ADHD workshops in their area
  • All mental health clinics and organization on the east coast, as well as all school boards and schools, were notified and asked to share information on the conference
  • CADDAC Awareness increased significantly on the east coast leading up to and after the conference, due to significant outreach, advertising and media coverage
  • Continued contact and communication with LDAO and MYCSE ADHD representative
  • Continued interaction and postings of clinics, support groups, research studies, coaches and other resources
  • Continued to assist ADHD researchers with study recruitment through our web site, blog and newsletter

Information Brochures and Postcards

  • CADDAC continues to ship ADHD child and adolescent and adult brochures as well as CADDAC resource postcards to doctor’s offices and clinics across Canada
  • CADDAC hosted booths, shared information, expertise and support and  distributed brochures and postcards at these medical and patient educational events and community events
  • The adult and adolescence workshop
  • The TDSB Parent Special Education event
  • The Primary Care Conference (PRIMED)
  • The CADDAC conference
  • CADDRA conference
  • The Dorothy Hill Symposium for Ontario school psychologists
  • Community Health Services Presentation In Calgary
  • Nanaimo Child Development Centre 2 day PREP workshop
  • CAMH adult group meeting
  • Hinks Dellcrest 2 day workshop
  • Kitchener community workshop
  • ADHD Expo, Durham Board
  • Norseman PS
  • Divine Mercy school
  • Peel Children’s Centre
  • Brochures were shipped out after these events to physicians and clinics who requested larger quantities



  • During 2018 CADDAC presented another 3 live webinars which were recorded and added to the 10 existing webinars that can be accessed from our web site
  • These were accessed by 91 live attendee, 42 recorded downloads
  • Webinars are free to members or accessible for the reasonable cost of $10 for non-members
  • Webinars attendance is increasing membership registration

CADDAC Workshops and Conference

Two Day Parent ADHD PREP Program

Jan 27th and 28th, presented in Nanaimo, Nanaimo Child Development Centre

Adolescence and Adulthood Workshop

This year CADDAC hosted a full day workshop featuring Robert M. Tudisco and Heidi Bernhardt presenting on ADHD Adolescence through Adulthood. The presentations were geared to adolescents, their parents, adults and their families. Topics covered were, Understanding and Coping with ADHD in Adults: a view from the inside, New Challenges and Risks in Adolescent and Post-Secondary and Understanding ADHD’s Impact on Adult Relationships. There were close to 100 attendees.

CADDAC 9th Annual Two Day Conference

This year’s two day conference took place in Halifax at St. Mary’s University. Our featured speakers were Sr. Annick Vincent, Dr. Doron Almagor and Dr. Brenda Miles. Additional presenters were, Dr. Penny Corkum, Dr. Jospeh Sadek, Dr. Marilyn MacPherson, Dr. Lindsay Bates, Dr. Harpreet Aulakh, Dr. Rachel Panton, Lisa sanders, Angela Rudderham and Heidi Bernhardt.  We had 175 attendees at the conference. Feedback was outstanding with many requests for us to return to Halifax.

Additional Presentations

Hinks Dellcrest – two day presentation on March 5th and 6th

Devine Mercy School – March 26th

CAMH Adult ADHD Support Group –  March 26th, present on advocacy

TDSB ­at April 13 present to 200 Special Education Division heads on ADHD

OISE May 14thpresent at re ADHD

Educators in training at Niagara College – present twice on Nov 1st to educators in training

Norseman school present on Nov 22 twice, to teachers and to parents in the evening

Peel Children’s Centre – Nov 22, present to 50 mental health workers

Kitchener presentation – Nov 24 a full day workshop to 100 parents and educators

Calgary Children’s Hospital Community Education Services – Nov 8th presented for Alberta Health  Community Education Services to 100+ parents .

CADDRA Conference – November 11th Heidi Bernhardt presented on Report Writing on Students with ADHD Made Easy for the Busy Medical Professional. This was the first presentation of new report writing tools developed for medical professionals on writing school reports for students with ADHD. Material developed for this presentation will be featured in an up-coming policy paper.


ADHD Awareness Month

This year’s Awareness Month hosted the launch of a two year ADHD Awareness Campaign ADHD Speaks.

ADHD Speaks Campaign

This national ADHD Awareness campaign was developed during the summer of 2018 and launched in October of 2018. CADDAC worked with Phil Communications to create a communications strategy, logo and campaign which was then launched and has been maintained over the past 3 months. The campaign thus far has included,

  • A media release launching ADHD speaks
  • Weekly announcement of ADHD speaks on all social media platforms
  • Weekly campaign promotion via monthly newsletters
  • A live comedy show promoting ADHD speaks which was been filmed so excerpts can be shared over social media and on our communication platforms in the up-coming months. For more information on the show please access our blog post on the topic
  • The redevelopment of out YouTube site to feature ADHD Speaks
  • “Asks” for celebrity videos – 7 videos edited and loaded and then promoted over social media
  • The development and loading of 3 ADHD Speaks Promotion videos
  • The “ASK” editing and loading of 7 medical professional videos
  • Additional videos will be loaded in the new year
  • 9 personal videos are loaded to-date
  • Personal messages were collected and filmed at the CADDAC conference and the Kitchener workshop, 26 written messages, longer stories and audio messages were received and have been loaded onto the web site and shared over social media
  • During the month of December a Facebook ADHD Speaks discussion was launched asking people to respond to specific questions about their experiences with ADHD – this will also be shared through our mass mail out system – 2 new questions will be posted twice a month
  • Facebook followers have doubled since this campaign was launched
  • Instagram posts were also stared during this campaign

Media following the Campaign media release

  • Release views (minimum) and “hits” (AKA viewed by media outlets – 348
  • Engagement Actions (minimum) – 33 (used in media story)
  • Amount of times this media release was posted verbatim on media websites – 201

 Pickup by source type (that we know of):

  • Newspaper – 38.8%
  • Broadcast media – 31.3%
  • Online news sites & other online influencers – 8.5%
  • Blog – 4%
  • Other (includes various sector publications) – 13.9%

Some of the media outlets that have “picked up” the media releases include:

  • Shaw Connect
  • CNW Group
  • Canadian Business Journal
  • The Daily Courier (Kelowna BC)
  • Penticton (BC) Herald
  • Nuda Media
  • Corporate Knights Magazine
  • The Glengary News
  • Le Lezard (French online news)

Direct interviews with CADDAC team

Outreach was more focused on east coast due to the show and conference occurring there p this allowed for an additional media hook.

  • CTV Morning Live (Maritimes)
  • CBC Radio One (Maritimes.)
  • CJLS Yarmouth, N.S.
  • CJOB Radio (Winnipeg, Manitoba)
  • Northumberland Radio (Cobourg, ON)
  • CJFX Radio (Antigonish, N.S.)
  • South Shore Breaker (N.S. newspaper)
  • CBC radio Maritime Noon – 45 minute call in show,  Heidi Bernhardt took questions

Additional Media Interviews Through 2018

  • January17th Interview with CBC re ADHD in adults
  • January 18th Matt Rainnie PEI CBC Island Morning
  • March 27th, interview with Voice Ed radio,
  • March 31st Media Planet Brain health interview and coordinate with them for their insert in Barin health insert
  • April 2nd interview for South Korean Film on ADHD
  • June 12th Best Health Magazine interview – on the increase in adult women being diagnosed with ADHD
  • August 15th Institute for Challenging Disorganization (ICD) panel interview with CHADD and ADDA
  • Nov 14th Interview Montreal radio station
  • Interviewed twice for Club ADHD podcast



Education Policy Paper Follow-up

Following the release of our policy paper “Inequitable Access to Education for Canadian Students with ADHD” CADDAC continued to meet with Ministries of Education into 2018:

Jan 22nd call with Manitoba Ministry of Education

Provincial Advocacy

British Columbia

BC Safe Prescribing Campaign

After receiving word from BC physicians that ADHD prescription levels had fallen CADDAC developed material to spearhead a community response to the BC safe prescribing guidelines that had wrongly included stimulant medications within their prescribing guidelines. Parents and adults were asked to contact their MLAs as well as the BC College of physicians. CADDAC developed information for the CADDAC website including letter templates, blog posts on the issue and sent information out via mass mailings. CADDAC shared the information with BC groups and BC medical experts and followed up with those who had sent in letters. We were notified that a revised Safe Prescribing Guideline was released by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of British Columbia (CPSBC) on April the 26th 2018 which no longer included ADHD stimulant medication.  Please access   for more information as well as

BC Education

During 2018 CADDAC continued to communicate with our liaison at the BC Ministry of Education to confirm that they were still on track to include ADHD in their Special Education categories. CADDAC has recently reached out to the Minister again because we were informed that they are considering changing their special education funding model to be more like Ontario’s.  This could be either detrimental or beneficial to students with ADHD depending on whether they are still going to include ADHD within the categories. A blog will be written and sent out via social media to BC when confirmation has been received.   Heidi Bernhardt has been asked for feedback on the gap that exists between the philosophy of inclusion and the practice of inclusion of students with a diagnosis of ADHD by a group doing research for the BC Ministry of Education.


2018 Election Campaign

An Ontario ADHD government awareness and letter writing campaign was organized for the spring of 2018 prior to the election. A request was sent out via mass mail outs, social media, and through posters in medical official asking parents and adults to call, write letters or meet with their MPPS and those running in their riding about their ADHD issues prior to the up-coming election.

Template letters on a variety of ADHD issues were developed for stakeholders with instructions on how to personalize them for greater impact, Instructions on contacting their MPPs was developed and distributed.

Letters were sent to all parties with specific questions on ADHD issues. This resulted in meeting with,

  • The education critic of the Green party
  • Sylvia Jones at Queen’s Park on April the 23, 2018
  • Christine Elliott by a CADDAC Advocacy Committee member
  • Katie Heelis Ministry of Health policy advisor for Minister Jaczek on May 1st
  • The Adult CAMH group to discuss advocacy in general and the Ontario campaign specifically. After the initial meeting CADDAC met with them twice more and attended two of their evening letter writing sessions to assist them with getting their letters out.

A media release about the campaign was sent out with the most notable media pick up being a panel interview on “The Agenda” with Steve Pakin” on May the 10th A follow up panel interview occurred on the Agenda directly after our interview discussing Special Education in Ontario schools. Provincial party representatives were being questioned on the topic when Christine Elliott brought up the subject of students with ADHD not being recognized as having learning risks and a [promise that her party would do so in the future if elected. A letter has been sent requesting meeting with the Ministers of Health, Education, Justice and Child and Youth.

Ontario Education

On March 8th CADDAC met with John Malloy the Director of the largest Ontario school board and Uton Robinson the Director of Special Education of that board to discuss the continued lack of recognition for students with ADHD in the TDSB board and the lack of educator training. The meeting was very successful ending with a request from the Director to be personally notified if a student in their board was denied special education services because ADHD did not allow them to qualify.  Heidi Bernhardt was also invited to present to 200 TDSB special education division heads. She did so on April 13, 2018. The reception and feedback was very encouraging.

On Feb 20 CADDAC initially met with a Kitchener school trustee regarding her submission to the Ontario Public School Board Association to put forward a resolution to have ADHD included in Ministry categories of exceptionality.  CADDAC continued to work with her until the resolution was passed, sent onto the OPSBA’s executive council where it also passed with instructions to be sent to the Ministry of Education. The storey was picked up by a local paper, New570 and CBC radio one.  A letter was also published in the Toronto Star comment page.

On January 12th CADDAC met with staff lawyer at the Kingston Community Legal Clinic, specializing in Education law.

On March 15th CADDAC met with Ontario Ombudsman regarding ADHD in Ontario schools.

On July 5th CADDAC met with the provincial child advocate’s office regarding ADHD in Ontario schools

Justice and Corrections

An ADHD information booklet has been developed on adolescent and adult ADHD geared to those diagnosed with ADHD involved in the justice and correction systems. It will be shared with Ministries of Justice and Corrections across Canada, correction systems, law societies and any other contacts that CADDAC can find within these systems.

Ontario Public Drug Program (OPDP)

On-going advocacy work continues on the inclusion of Intuniv and Foquest in the Ontario formulary.

Special Projects

ADHD Child Videos

CADDAC is very excited to be working on this long anticipated project. The time line for completion in a year’s time is actually ahead of schedule.

Completed to-date

  • Scripts for all 3 videos developed and sent out to families and educators for feedback
  • Scripts put through language rating programs for grade level
  • Scripts edited according to all feedback
  • Animators interviewed and proposals considered
  • Contract development and hiring of an animator
  • Character concept and development for 10 characters – started in May and completed in through June
  • Storey board for all three videos – started and completed in July
  • Animation on the first video except for the voice animation -started in August and completed in October
  • Animations for the 2nd video – started in November
  • Auditioning for speaking parts during October
  • Live auditioning in November
  • Recordings of all four parts occurring December
  • Recordings of the voices are being edited and will be sent to the animator in January for incorporation into the first video with animation of mouth movement
  • Completion and launch of the 1st video is anticipated in February with completion of the other two videos by June

Projects to be completed in early part of 2019

  • Launch of the first Child video along with the launch of a video clip, of the main character asking children to join in on the ADHD Speaks campaign – media release
  • Outreach to justice and correction Ministries and stakeholders to share information package for offenders and to renew the discussion on ADHD’s impact on their ministries and systems
  • Launch of information package and workshop on early childhood ADHD
  • Policy paper on the overreliance of psychoeducational testing by school systems to quantify ADHD impairments and the right for accommodations for those impairments