Funding Sources

CADDAC’s activities – which are primarily education, awareness and advocacy – are funded in a variety of ways.

Funding is obtained through membership fees, conference fees, and unsolicited donations from families and corporate donations. In the past we have also received financial support for educational programs from the Parent Engagement Program of the Ontario Ministry of Education.

As many patient organizations do, we also receive funding from pharmaceutical companies through educational grants for specific projects proposed to the funders by CADDAC. Funding is not conditional on incorporating messaging that benefits the company or promotes their products – in fact this is strictly prohibited according to the Rx& D Stakeholder Relations Collaborative Partnership Guiding Principles available on the Rx& D website.

CADDAC stipulates in agreements with all corporate or other funders, that the organization has control of all messaging in proposed projects.

CADDAC does not receive or solicit Government funding for our services or advocacy efforts. Since one of your primary goals is to advocate for those dealing with ADHD, CADDAC often finds it necessary to make requests for, or be critical of, resources available for and the lack of awareness and management of the disorder in the fields of healthcare, education, child and youth, justice and social services. Since advocacy is such as large part of our mandate CADDAC does not wish to be compromised, or be perceived as being compromised, in these goals by soliciting government funding for these initiatives.

One of CADDAC’s primary goals is to build awareness of ADHD as a medical disorder that significantly impacts millions of Canadians of all ages, genders, ethnicities and from all socioeconomic groups. We expect that when this is accomplished, we will be able to broaden the scope of our funding.

CADDAC would like to acknowledge the generous support of, Janssen, Shire Canada and Purdue Pharma as well as individual anonymous donors.

In 2017 CADDAC received funding for educational material and events and our awareness and advocacy work from Shire Canada, Janssen, Purdue Pharma and Bristol Myers Squibb.