As part of our ADHD Awareness Campaign “ADHD Speaks” CADDAC has asked people of all ages and walks of life to speak out about ADHD. This is what they’ve said……

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Seven Different Schools
ADHD has had a major impact on the lives of everyone in our family for the past 16 years. Our son
exhibited symptoms of severe ADHD from a very early age, so we focused on reinforcing positive
behaviour and mindset. However, then he entered the school system. From Grade 1 to Grade 8 our son
was shuttled around the school system in SEVEN different schools, as there was no appropriate program
or supports in place to help him to succeed. Our son, who was once a bright, happy, friendly child, has
given up now as a result of the school system’s complete inability to provide him with a learning
environment that would meet his needs and the seemingly insurmountable educational and social
results of that failure. On top of his educational challenges, because he was moved around so much, he
was unable to form lasting attachments and make good friends. He’s now convinced that nothing will
work, nothing will help, he’s not going anywhere and therefore there’s no point in continuing to
try. Now, on top of the ADHD, we have a child who is anxious and depressed and who has completely
withdrawn from family and friends. We are faced every day with a boy who is justifiably angry at the
world and who acts out that anger in ways that are destructive to property, to other people and to
himself. No matter how we try to help him, our son is resistant to any sort of intervention, and we are
very worried about what the future holds for him. Had our son had access to early and effective medical
care and educational resources, I’m convinced that our lives would be very different today
Company with Adult ADHD
My answer to your question; What I would like people to know about adult
I can’t sit and just “visit” for long periods of time. Give me a game with a
small group of people and I can focus better if you all aren’t talking! I
need quiet to concentrate. I can’t hear just you in a whole room full of
people talking! I hear conversation everywhere and I can’t focus on just you.
Get me out of there!
I don’t like to hear chitchat that says little and wastes my time. It’s hard
enough getting done what I need to get done.
Sometimes I get over-focused in a small irrelevant thought or idea. It takes
me awhile to realize it. Instead of rejecting my idea, just remind me what we
were working on and if my plans have changed.
Enough for now…..
A Lack of Knowledge and Understanding
My thoughts and answers to your 2 questions… I am a parent of a wonderful 8 year old boy with
ADHD in Halifax Nova Scotia. He was officially diagnosed when he was 6 but started the
assessment process midway through grade primary. We were fortunate enough to already have a
wonderful knowledgeable prediction from another medical condition. So getting assessed wasn’t
difficult for us. She took time to address other medical issues first like the obstructed sleep
apnea first before officially giving the diagnosis.

One of the things that bother me the most is the lack of knowledge or old knowledge people have
of this neuro disorder! People who work in education, and beyond. I feel like with other
disorders or illnesses they should be up to date on what the research provides. A lot don’t know
how the medication works, or believes that only medication should “do the trick” and then they
shouldn’t need to give reminders or visuals to stay in task or to help with behavior. It is not
choice to impulsively blurt answers, or forget to detail the work, or catch every direction in the
long circle time. There are so many strategies that can be used to help keep them on track
without them feeling like there “no good”! I wish the resistance wasn’t there from some
educators to try something different, to make it help them help the kids. My son has come so
extremely far since he has been diagnosed, with our persistence and his hard work and having an
amazing teacher last year he has started to feel successful. I wish it would be easier to go year to
year without starting from scratch again, to have them have an understanding how your child
Becoming an Entrepreneur
Over the years it has been a pain in the ass, employers think I’m not paying attention or get
frustrated when I take longer to learn something thus resulting in getting fired or a bad attitude
from certain individuals or some people interpret my friendliness as flirting or it also attracts a
type of personality that are insure in themselves so they feel the need to try and pick on me or
others like me.

Which leads me to my next experience, I’m starting my own business this spring which I’m super
excited for but remaining focused on one task and not bouncing around like a rubber ball can be
a challenge at times especially the administration of it!

However as life goes on I’m learning how to use my ADHD and draw on it as strength and not a
weakness as some perceive it too be.

Especially while in the planning and startup phase of my business when I’m “hyper focused” I
can accomplish a lot in a day as well my impulsivity in this case does aid me in decision making
as with a lot of choices to make your first one is often the right one, regardless of the outcome
being positive or negative they both offer valuable experiences as I’ve never tried being an
entrepreneur before.

It’s honestly really hard to sum up in a email, ADHD.

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