ADHD by Calvin Albersworth


Brain is on 100
But my face is at blank.

So many thoughts processing,
How long should this take?

Frustration and anger,
Danger and repeat.
My brains a ticking time bomb,
It’s me they want to defeat.

Colours, shapes, and sounds
Pops, whistles and bangs.
My brain keeps going forward.
Like a runaway freight train.

People say they know,
But inside they have no clue.
Like biting my tongue inside my mouth,
As I continue to chew

I bite off more than I can take,
And get down on myself in the end.
It wasn’t too much, and I’m too brave.
This possession controls from within.

Bright lights and flashes, my attention goes another way.
Today my goal is to concentrate.
But I forgot again.

Simple tasks in repetitive motion.
My mind wanders like a fly in an ocean.
I keep pushing forward.
To show my devotion.

I may forget a lot of things,
But remember dear,
In my mind, things aren’t that clear.

Simple tasks I drag on too far,
And my anger sings louder than a guitar.

I try each day, and each day passes. Forgetful I am, one day I’ll surpass this.

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