ADHD is Real (And Not a Result of Bad Parenting)

CADDAC National Director

If you have ever wondered how to respond when your friends and family question the validity of ADHD? Or do you get hot under the collar whenever you read another article telling you that ADHD is due to bad or lazy parenting or unmotivated or defiant kids? If so, you need to read Patricia Tomasi’s response to an article in the Huffington Post by Alyson Schafer. Not only does Patricia correct many of the mistruths in Ms. Schafer’s article she calls out the Huffington Post for publishing the article. The Huffington Post will most likely hide behind the fact that this is a commentary and not a factual piece. But let me ask you this, would they have published a commentary questioning the validity of depression as a disorder? Of course not, they would be tarred and featured. But for some strange reason people still use the fact that there is no blood test that can be used to diagnose the disorder as justification to question its existence. Well there are many conditions in mental and physical health that do not have a particular test that validates their existence, but that is why we use experienced physicians to rule out other disorders that could be causing the symptoms and validate the occurrence and history of the symptoms of the disorder, just as we do with ADHD. So the next time someone brings up the issue with you and you start to feel your blood boil, pull out Patricia’s article and know that she has it covered.

Access Patricia Tomasi’s article Here

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