ADHD in the Workplace and Time Management

CADDAC National Director

This brief article geared to employers and managers makes some interesting points on ADHD in the workplace that are just as useful for employees. The first being, an employee with ADHD can have considerable talents along with their ADHD which will make them a valuable asset to the company even if some accommodations are required.  Secondly, awareness of an employee’s ADHD benefits everyone, the employee, the manager and the entire organization. Once awareness is there, strategies can be put in place to set the employee up for success rather than failure.

The author goes on to outline two important lessons an adult with ADHD shared with him. Kyle the adult with ADHD noted that although he knew distractability was an issue for him, not until he actually monitored his time did he realize how hugely it impacted his productivity. However, the biggest lesson he learned was from a past boss. This boss showed Kyle the benefits of having an accountability partner. Although he was initially resentful of what he misinterpreted as his boss's oppressive oversight the success it afforded him quickly turned him into a believer. Someone to check in with at regular intervals, daily if necessary, by e-mail or through face to face meetings, helped him prioritize and manage his time more effectively. Having someone to hold him accountable allowed him to accomplish more and turn in an improved product. His only regret was that he had not learned this lesson sooner.

Access the full article HERE 


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