Conference speaker David Giwerc talks ADHD Coaching

CADDAC National Director

In the past ten years ADHD Coaching has become one of the most popular types of ADHD treatment used in conjunction with medication or on its own. CADDAC frequently receives calls and e-mails asking for information on coaching as a recognized treatment for ADHD, so this year CADDAC has arranged for David Giwerc, a master certified ADHD coach, the Founder and President of the ADD Coach Academy,, the world’s foremost ADHD coach training program and a past president of ADDA, to present at this year’s CADDAC conference.

David, also the author of the ground breaking book, “Permission to Proceed, The Keys to Creating a Life of Passion Purpose and Possibility for Adults with ADHD.” will share his unique & effective coaching models for gaining control of one’s ADHD in life at home, work and in the community. David believes that although most individuals with ADHD do not realize it, they truly are gifted beings. Once they are able to realize that the negative stories they have been telling themselves are not true, they can change their narrative to one of uniqueness and authenticity. Ultimately, they can give themselves permission to proceed by creating a life full of passion, purpose, and possibility.

David’s first presentation, having the same title as his book, will reveal a roadmap to success using proven models, tools, and strategies, which have empowered thousands of individuals with ADHD to dramatically improve their self-esteem, and has inspired them to create lives focused on a purposeful mission in many key areas of their lives.

During David’s second presentation “The ADHD Coach Approach: Building a Positive, Balanced Blueprint for the Adult ADHD Brain, he will conduct a coaching session using a volunteer attendee's character strengths profile to demonstrate how the use of common positive strengths language, as well as focus on an individual's top signature strengths, can balance the brain's natural propensity to be dominated by negativity. David will demonstrate how the use of the educational coaching models, coaching process, and use of the VIA Character Strengths can provide immediate access to one's best qualities, attributes, and capacities.

If you want to learn how to use your understanding of your own ADHD and your natural character strengths to activate your brain, access your positive emotions, and take action that will consistently lead to more success and fulfillment, then come join David at the CADDAC conference for this transformational presentation. For more detailed information on David Giwerc’s and other presentations access the abstracts.

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