Action Plan: Creating Equitable Access to ADHD Care in Canada

Action from the Federal Government is needed now to support individuals with ADHD. CADDRA, CADDAC and CanREACH have come together and is calling on the Government of Canada to create an expert advisory group as part of the National Mental Health Standards. Read more about our Action Plan below.

Right to ADHD Treatment Advocacy Campaign

ADHD Right to treatment is a national campaign asking all Canadian Ministries, provincial and federal to invest in ADHD treatment and resources across Canada. As you know ADHD, support, resources, and treatment options are scarce across the country. We hope this campaign will raise awareness to government officials about the desperate need for ADHD resources in Canada. Resources include more physicians able to assess and treat ADHD, more ADHD treatment options for families and individuals affected by ADHD, more general awareness about ADHD, and more support for educators to help support ADHD students in the classroom.

Learn more and get involved with our Letter Writing Campaign at the button below.

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