Who We Are


Juanita Beaudry

Executive Director
Juanita has over 20 years of leadership experience in business, sales and marketing. As Executive Director of CADDAC Juanita is committed to CADDAC’s vision of improving the lives of individuals affected by ADHD through Awareness, Advocacy, and Education. Juanita has worked with CADDAC since 2016 and holds a Master of Art, Health Policy degree from York University. Juanita is passionate about advocating for individuals and families affected by mental illness. Juanita is also a caregiver to a child with ADHD.

Annie Desrochers

ADHD Resource Navigator

Annie is the Bilingual ADHD Resource Navigator at CADDAC.  She is dedicated in providing families and individuals living with ADHD with resources to support and help improve their daily lives.  Annie, is a mother of 4 children all with some degree of ADHD and co-existing disorders.  As a Registered Early Childhood Educator since 1989, she has dedicated her professional life to help and support families locate and access resources in order to provide a healthier and happier life for themselves. Throughout all these experiences, she has lived and tried to share her belief that it takes a village to raise a child.

Please see here for Annie’s hours and contact details.

Board of Directors

Katherine Curry – Chair
Katherine is the mother of a son who was diagnosed with ADHD and ODD at an early age. As a result, Katherine’s time over recent years has been spent researching ADHD and ODD and successfully advocating for her son’s needs with both the Catholic and public school boards. She has provided advice in this regard to numerous parents of children who have been diagnosed with ADHD and who have encountered issues within the school system. In addition, Katherine has been practising law for 19 years, and is currently the Vice President, Legal & Compliance, Woodbine Entertainment Group. Katherine brings to CADDAC a wealth of advocacy experience and legal expertise, and her primary focus is on addressing the educational and social needs of children with ADHD.
Karen MacMillan – Board Member
Karen has a PhD in Counselling Psychology and has been a Registered Psychologist in Alberta since 2003.  She has been a sessional instructor at Mount Royal University, Athabasca University, and the University of Calgary.  She is currently the Co-Executive Director of Foothills Academy Society, which provides a Designated Special Education School in Calgary, as well as a large Community Services which provides a wide range of direct services for individuals with LD and ADHD (such as psycho-educational assessments, recreational programming, counselling, and one-to-one remedial instruction), as well as educating families and relevant professionals.  Karen has two daughters, one of whom has been diagnosed with ADHD.
Faeylne Templer – Board Secretary
Faelyne is a passionate advocate for inclusion and accessibility, and the mother of a neuro-diverse son currently in high school. Faelyne’s experience with her son’s accommodations in the education system has galvanized her to join CADDAC and work with parents, students and ADHD allies across Canada to help de-stigmatize neuro-diversity, and ensure that all children’s learning needs can be effectively met in school.  With a professional background of over 20 years in adult learning and development, accessibility and project management, Faelyne’s focus is on providing information and support to parents and children on the same journey, and to help key stakeholders take steps to provide real solutions in the classroom that will help students and teachers alike.
Ekin Ober – Board Member
Ekin is passionate about raising awareness and advocating for organizations dedicated to improving the lives of those with ADHD. It is a mission that she holds close to her heart. Prior to completing her JD/MBA, she obtained her degree in Psychology and Economics where she focused on child development and learning disabilities. Her personal experience combined with her academic background enriched her understanding of the various ways in which ADHD can have a significant social impact on individuals’ lives, causing disruption at school, work and relationships.
She is also interested in engaging with CADDAC as a board member because it offers her the opportunity to engage with and contribute to her community through an organization whose mission aligns with hers. She acknowledges that there are very limited resources available to charities and believes that her legal background combined with her financial knowledge makes her a great candidate who can help further the impact and reach of CADDAC.
Lisa Paluzzi – Board Member
Lisa is an educator with over twenty years experience in both the elementary and secondary panels holding a Master of Education and specialists in English and Special Education. In her current role as an Academic Resource Teacher, Lisa supports, coaches, and advocates for students with diverse learning needs which has been fundamental in navigating the system after her own son was diagnosed with ADHD. Lisa regularly participates in professional development with a focus on ADHD, learning disabilities and executive function, bringing extensive knowledge to her advocacy work.
Renée Belhumeur – Board Member
  Renée has been a school Principal with the Conseil des écoles publiques de l’est de l’Ontario for eleven years. In that role, she has led her schools in the implementation of school improvement plans, while putting in place technological innovations and enriched programs. Previously, she worked as a Student Achievement Officer with the Literacy and Numeracy Secretariat at the Ministry of Education. In that role, she supported schools and school boards across the province at implementing efficient school and student improvement strategies. She also taught for seventeen years in elementary schools. She is presently teaching Principal qualification courses for the Association des directions et directions adjointes des écoles franco-ontariennes (ADFO). Renée has past board experience having served on the board of directors of her Principal association (ADFO), a daycare, Winchester District Memorial Hospital (WDMH) and a community art center. She has also sat on the parent consultation committee of the Conseil des écoles catholiques de l’est de l’Ontario for fifteen years. She was chair of the quality committee of a hospital (WDMH) for two years. She is the recepient of the The Amethyst Award for outstanding achievement as an Ontario public servant.
Andre Brisson – Board Member
André is a Professional Engineer, obtaining a degree in Structural Civil Engineering at the University of Waterloo and leads the engineering firm he started in 2007.   He has started and grew two start-up engineering firms into self-managing companies.  He has been involved with various national technical committees as a member or chair and respects consensus.  A relentless learner and an intuitive observer that can structure solutions to challenges where others have given up, obstacles are new opportunities waiting to be discovered. André has always fought for the right to be different and unique – he wants that for everyone, especially kids. Helping entrepreneurs, adults, and kids discover their talents and strengths to develop their own voice and advocate for themselves is a passion.  He is a recently diagnosed ADHD adult, husband and father of two beautiful neurodiverse twice exceptional girls.
Whitney Goulstone – Vice Chair 
Whitney is currently the Executive Director for the Canadian Immunodeficiencies Patient Organization. A rare disease patient herself, she has been working in advocacy and health for over a decade.
Whitney is active on various boards and committees, with past and present work including:  the Working Advisory Group on Immune Globulin Supply, the Network for Rare Blood Diseases Organization, the Canadian Standards Agency Technical Committee for Blood and Blood Products, Ontario Brain Institute’s EpLink Committee, Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care Epilepsy Implementation Guidelines, and the Canadian Blood Services’ National Liaison Committee.
For her advocacy work in epilepsy, Whitney received a HOPE award from Epilepsy Toronto and Toronto Western Hospital in 2014. She also received an award from the Canadian Organization for Rare Diseases as Chair of the NRBDO in 2017, for outstanding patient support and advocacy.
A graduate from McGill University, Whitney currently lives in Victoria, BC with her husband, two children and rescue dog, where she is able to pursue her love of the outdoors and creative writing.
Kim Doel – Board Member
Kim is an entrepreneur and community activist from Ottawa with a background in youth advocacy, organizational development, fundraising, and governance. She has led multiple organizations in the charitable and business sectors through rebranding and organizational challenges to achieve financial stability, positive public image, and lowered staff and board turnover. Her experience with being diagnosed with ADHD as an adult has given her a new appreciation for the need for ADHD de-stigmatization and awareness for youth diagnosis and support.