CADDAC’s Mission/Mandate Statement

Who we are

CADDAC is a Canadian national charitable  organization dedicated to improving the lives of those with ADHD through ADHD awareness, education and advocacy.

What we do

  • Develop, provide and present up-to-date scientifically based information on ADHD
  • Provide support for individuals, families and ADHD organizations
  • Actively advocate to government and institutional decision makers on the impact of ADHD, lack of resources and other issues that affect those with ADHD

Our Work

CADDAC provides leadership and support in awareness, education and advocacy for ADHD organizations and individuals across. From a day to day perspective this means CADDAC organizes, develops and presents up-to-date research-based, educational programs, actively advocates to government for changes that will benefit those with ADHD, their families and care providers; provides one on one support and information to parents and adults with ADHD; provides networking between ADHD groups across Canada, and strives to increase the awareness and understanding of ADHD on all levels.

CADDAC strongly believes that only when all ADHD support groups and individuals who are committed to the well-being of those with ADHD, come together with a uniform ‘ask’ will we have a hope of change occurring. An ‘ask’ is what we would be requesting from the government or other regulators of education, health, child and youth, justice and corrections, social services and employment systems.

At this time there are many small, local organizations that offer excellent support for small pockets throughout Canada. Unfortunately, this still leaves many serviced areas. It is our hope that by creating this website, additional resources and educational platforms we will help to spread excellent information and offer support to those in all areas across Canada affected by ADHD.

While many websites offer basic ADHD information on what ADHD is and how it is treated, we have tried to go a step further and offer additional information and support. We have created information packages for a variety of stakeholders, adults, parents, adolescents with more to come, under the tab, “Getting Started” for those new to ADHD. The website also offers information on advocating for your child or yourself. Our hope is that the site will be an easy to use source of up-to-date medically accurate ADHD information for everyone interested and impacted by ADHD. In addition, it will be closely linked to our social media platforms where issues and concerns can be shared. Caregivers and those impacted by ADHD already feel isolated so moving forward we will be implementing additional platforms for discussion and interaction.