A High "H" Professor

Wendy Communications Coordinator

I'm a University Professor and I'm interested in helping with ADHD advocacy.

I was diagnosed in 2014 when I was 49 - about the same time I was hospitalized and had surgery for heart disease.

Though quite fit at the time (I have a strong "H" component in ADHD and so I enjoy exercise), my lifetime of extreme anxiety over time management, my social missteps, my risk taking and my hyper focus have ravaged my personal relationships and my body.

My ADHD "hyper focus" seems to have enabled my success in the academic world however, but my brothers didn't get hyper focus and so they suffer more than me.

Mindfulness, exercise, alcohol reduction and medication respectively seem to help me most.

I'm not sure if a sufferer makes a good advocate, but my story might at least be interesting: ADHD has lead me through an early career as a punk-rock drummer, then a Professional Geophysicist, then a graduate student / punk-rock drummer, then a Lead Research Scientist, and now an Associate Professor / punk-rock drummer.

Because of the "H", I have endured more concussions and more broken bones that any of my academic peers due to BMX crashes, skateboarding falls, fights and motorcycle racing mishaps.

Rob Ferguson, PhD, P. Geoph
Principal Investigator, City Fibre as a Sensor (CFaaS)

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