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Ontario Launch of ADHD Awarenes Month at Queen's Park

View MPP Soo Wong reading a member's statement launching ADHD Awareness Month in Ontario. See it on (first few minutes of this video)

CADDAC on CBC's The Current

In a fitting launch to awareness month, The Current sat down with CADDAC to discuss the barriers experienced by postsecondary students with ADHD. Check out the episode on here!

2015 ADHD Awareness Campaign

Understanding ADHD as a Disability in the Post-Secondary Environment

News Release
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This year our ADHD Awareness Campaign is focusing on the issue of students with ADHD receiving appropriate academic accommodations while accessing post-secondary education. This is the topic addressed in a paper authored and recently published by the “Centre for ADHD Awareness, Canada (CADDAC)”. The paper, titled: “Understanding ADHD as a Disability in the Post-Secondary Environment” and the media release, highlights the inequity in access to post-secondary education accommodations due to a lack of national or provincial standards backed by medical research.

This is causing significant inconsistencies in the medical documentation required of students with ADHD by post-secondary schools resulting in discriminatory practices potentially leaving colleges and universities open to legal challenge.

CADDAC does agree that detailed medical reporting, by an ADHD medical expert, should be required to meet Canadian government requirements. Reports should provide post-secondary institutions with the necessary information required to understand the student’s unique impairments and needs for specific accommodations. To assist with this CADDAC has also produced a resource for physicians and psychologists to assist them in developing a detailed report that would meet government requirements and provide the necessary information for post-secondary institutions.

ADHD Awareness Month Launch at Queen's Park Oct 1st
MPP Soo Wong will be reading a member's statement in the Ontario legislature launching 2015 ADHD Awareness Month in Ontario. 

For additional information (Billingual) on ADHD Awareness Month, Events across Canada, Posters, Videos, Coalition Members, ADHD information and How to become involved 

Access www.adhdawareness.ca

Rick Green's ADHD Message 


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