CADDAC does not promote or recommend these coaches; we simply list those that we come across in our resources.

Please be aware that Canada has no regulations regarding qualifications of coaches. We suggest that you ask individual coaches for their training qualifications and request that they supply you with testimonials from past clients.

If you know of a coach that is not listed here, especially if you had a good experience with them; or if you are a coach yourself and would like your contact information made available on this website please contact erin.cozad@caddac.ca.

Please be aware that we rely on these individuals to update us as to whether or not their businesses are still active and maintained. If the information is out-of-date, it is because we have yet to be notified. We do our best to maintain an up-to-date listing given this limitation. If you have updates, please contact us at the afore-mentioned email address and we will update when possible.

Many adult patients have found ADHD coaching a very helpful tool in their arsenal of treament strategies.

Please be aware that coaching is not covered by provincial health plans.

*Coaching sessions often take place by telephone and email. This is called "telecoaching" or "distance coaching." Therefore coaches do not necessarily need to be located in your local area.

If you have interest in becoming a coach, you can reach the ADD Coaching Academy, an online ADHD Training source: http://addca.com/

This page was last updated April 23, 2014.


ADD Coach 4 U ADHD Coaching   
Pete Quily specializes in coaching adults with ADHD. Offers telecoaching based in Vancouver, British Columbia.   
T: (604) 263-6997 or E: pete@addcoach4u.com

ADHD Coaching 
Offers telecoaching based in British Columbia or Ontario.
Gillian Smith - E: gmsmith@dccnet.com

ADHD Lifespan Clinic BRITISH COLUMBIA & General Counselling   
Therapeutic counselling, coaching, & programs for those with ADHD, anxiety, & depression. Contact regarding telecoaching.
Location: Kerrisdale Professional Building, Room 370
2025 W. 42nd Avenue, Vancouver, BC   
Susan Poitras - T: (604) 868-8007
Kathleen Rea - T: (604) 889-6578
E: adhd.bs@shaw.ca  W: adhdlifespanclinic.ca

RelatedMinds Educational Services   
Offers ADHD coaching services to children, adolescents, adults, & families based in Vancouver & Burnaby. Offers telecoaching at a lower rate.   
Dr. Jim Roche (Registered Psychologist)
T: (778) 998-7975 or E: drjimroche@gmail.com

The ADDvocates   
Specializes in coaching children, teens, college students, & adults who struggle with ADHD & Executive Functioning. The ADDvocates specializes primarily in drug-free strategies for ADHD. Based in Vancouver, but offers coaching throughout the lower mainland as well as telecoaching.   
Karen Ryan, Author of “ADHD is Not a Four Letter Word: Drug-Free Strategies for Managing the Gift that is ADHD”
T: (778) 848-5385 or E: karen@theaddvocates.com


1 Focus Total Success, Inc.   
Specializing in one-on-one adult ADHD coaching; High-impact ADHD-Mastery seminars for University & College students; Workshops/Trainings for counselors working with the ADHD population; Renowned ADHD Coach-Training Programs for coaches. Expert ADHD Tele-Coaching for adults throughout Canada & the US!   
President: Shanna Tator-Pearson
T: (416) 903-4553 or E: stator@onefocustotalsuccess.com

ADD it Up
Counseling, coaching, consulting, and advocacy for individuals with ADHD and their families. Contact regarding telecoaching.
Nicole Weatherdon, Certified ADHD Specialist
T: (705) 917-ADHD (2343) or E: nicole@addituppeterborough.com

ADDhere Support Centre   
Providing coaching for teens & women, academic mentoring for children in the Hamilton area. Contact regarding telecoaching.
240 Wilson St. #11, Ancaster, Ontario
Kathryn Brownlow, MEd, OCT, ADC-C, ON Certified Teacher & ADHD Consultant/Coach
E: kathyb@addhere.ca  W: www.addhere.ca

ADDvance Treatment Centre   
ADHD coaching for children, adolescents & adults. One on One in person coaching for children & families. Telecoaching for High School, University Students & Adults.
124 Merton Street, Suite 103, Toronto, Ontario   
T: (416) 792-2824 or W: www.addvancetreatment.com

ADDvocacy - ADD Success Coaching   
We believe that ADHD is a gift! We help adults with ADHD to uncover their strengths & discover strategies for managing the challenges that come with ADHD. Contact regarding telecoaching.   
Julia Smeed, BA Psychology, Adult ADHD Coach
E: info@addvocacy.ca or W: www.addvocacy.ca

Adult ADD Coaching   
Support for adults who have ADHD as well as spouses/partners, family, friends, & coworkers. Located in Toronto, ON. Offers telecoaching.  
Rose Steele - www.adultaddcoaching.ca

ADHD Coaching
Offers telecoaching based in Ontario.
Marnie Wedlake
E: mwedlake@rogers.com  W: www.adhdcoaching.ca

Alina Kislenko, ADHD Coach   
Works with adults, students, children, & caregivers of ADHDers. Also offers therapy, & relationship systems coaching, & runs a free, weekly Adult ADHD support group in downtown Guelph. Offers affordable telecoaching & in-person sessions on a sliding scale.   
Alina Kislenko, ADHD Coach, BA Psych, Certified NLP practitioner, Certified Yoga Instructor
T: (519) 830 1423 or E: akislenko@gmail.com

The Art of Possibilities   
Specialized ADHD Services & Programs. Contact regarding telecoaching.
Office is located at 24 Drummond Drive, Penetanguishene, ON  L9M 0A2   
Sue Potter, Professional Coach, Specializing in ADHD
T: (705) 355-0641 or E: sue@theartofpossibilites.ca

Chrysalis Centre   
Offering services for adolescent, adult & parent ADHD coaching at the Chrysalis Centre in Markham, ON. Telecoaching available and on location at the Chrysalis Centre in Markham, ON. Jason Froats is a performance coach who specializes in helping students (15+) & adults best manage their ADHD & co-related disorders.
T: (905) 752-6789 x123 or W: www.chrysalispsychologists.ca
To book a Complimentary Consultation, please email: kathy@exec-ute.com

The Coaching ADDvantage   
Specializes in coaching adults & teens with ADHD. Offers telecoaching based in Toronto, ON.   
Ari Petroff, ACG
T: (416) 256-6047 x1 or E: ari@thecoachingaddvantage.org

Educational ADHD Coaching   
Ruth works with high school & university students across a number of different areas. In particular, she works closely with those students making the transition from high school to college/university. Based in mid-town Toronto but telecoaching is available. Ruth Goodman is an academic coach with extensive experience as a special education teacher providing support for students with learning disabilities & ADHD.
T: (416) 449-5045 or E: rugood@rogers.com

Engel Consulting Group   
Erika is also on staff at The ADHD Clinic in Toronto, ON. Contact regarding telecoaching.   
Erika Engel, ADD/ADHD & Executive Coach, & Psychotherapist
T: (416) 485-9700 x 1 or E: eengel@engeconsulting.ca

Evoke Learning   
Offers professional & customized academic coaching to help students (ages 12+) meet their academic goals. They also offer coaching for Adults with ADHD. Specialize in helping students who have learning differences & ADHD. Telecoaching available. Offices located to cover Toronto city & York Region.   
Kate Lloyd, BA (Hons), MSW, ACPC, Edge Foundation Trained ADHD Coach and Denise Harding, BA (Hons), ATC, Members of the International Coaching Federation
T: (Kate/Toronto) (416) 516-3379 or T: (Denise/York Region) (905) 853-7283
E: info@evokecoaching.ca  W: www.evokecoaching.ca

Indigo Tree Coaching   
Specializing in children, teens, adults & families with ADHD. Also has experience with, and a keen understanding for, addictions. In-person or telecoaching GTA, Oakville, Burlington, Mississauga, or Milton.   
Diane O'Reilly ACG, ADHD Coach, Graduate of the ADDCA School of Coaching.
T: (905) 599-2485 or E: diane@indigotreecoaching.com

John Tucker ADHD Coaching   
Coaching college and university students, as well as specialising in family mediation. Offers telecoaching and video coaching world-wide.   
John Tucker, Ph.D., ACG
T: 416-635-6321 or E: jhn.tckr@gmail.com

Specializes in adults with ADD/ADHD, ADD in the workplace & coaching ADD/ADHD families, parents & college students. Offers telecoaching based in Toronto ON.   
Ann Clarkson, MA, PCC, ACCG, Professional Certified Coach (PCC) through the International Coach Federation (ICF); Certified ADD Coach Academy Graduate (ACCG)
T: 416-691-9503 or F: 416-352-5827 or E: ann@lifestrengths.com

LouAnne BabCook, ADHD Coach   
Adults, Teens & Parents with ADHD Children. Offers both in-person & telephone coaching. Located in Toronto.   
LouAnne BabCook BSc, MBA
T: 416-691-1148 or F: 416-693-0044 or E: lbabcook@sympatico.ca

McCrindle Counseling & Coaching   
Offers counselling & coaching for adults, teens, & youth with ADHD. They offer support groups for adults, teens, parents, & couples who deal with ADHD. Services are offered in-person, telephone, or Skype sessions.
2039 Robertson Road, Suite 252, Ottawa, ON  
Robert McCrindle, M. Ed. CYC and Julie McCrindle B.A. CYC
T: 613-219-6551 or E: bob@mccrindle.ca or E: julie@mccrindle.ca

MORE Movement Coaching
Coaching Credentials: All Ages: ADHD Coach; Life Coach; Executive Coach; Addictions & Recovery Coach; Youth, Family, Parent Coach. Focuses: Coaching-Speaking-Youth Development-Personal Development-Social Change. Located in Leamington, ON but can also provide telecoaching sessions.    Kris Moauro  -  https://www.facebook.com/Kristo1977
T: 519-796-6913 or E: kris@more-movement.com

Robert Pal Executive ADHD Coaching   
Works with executive level clients, entrepreneurs & community leaders, helping them build on their strengths & insights in order to achieve their goals, both personally & professionally. Contact regarding telecoaching.   
Robert Pal - E: robert@palco.ca

Schurmann Counselling & Life Coaching   
ADHD counselling & coaching for all ages; Registered Social Worker; Psychotherapist in Individual, Marriage and Family; ADHD Specialist; & Life Coach. Contact regarding telecoaching.
199 Snowdon Circle, Markham, Ontario L3P 7S7   
John Schurmann, MSW, HBSW, BPsych
T: 905-944-1711 or F: 905-944-1911 or E: jschurmann@rogers.com

Springboard Clinic  
Provides assessment, diagnosis, medication & coaching children over 6 years of age to adulthood. Contact regarding telecoaching.
Located: 1055 Yonge Street, Toronto   
Dr. Ainslie Gray, M.D. and Laura MacNiven, PHD Coach
T: 416-901-3077

Staying on Track    ADHD counselling/coaching for Adults & Adolescents with ADHD.    Located in North York. In-person, telecoaching, & Skype available.    Marilyn Minden R.N., M.E.S., R.S.W.
T: 416 385-1557

Students First Educational Coaching & Tutoring    Provides tutoring, coaching, & learning strategy support to ADHD students from grade 6 to University/College    Located in Mississauga for in-person or telecoaching sessions.    Ann Imrie Howlett, B.Ed.; M.Ed.;  ADHD Trained Coach
T: 905-823-7215

ONTARIO    Study Savvy Educational Services    Specializes in academic coaching/study skills tutoring services for students (ages 12+). Helps students with ADHD & other exceptionalities meet their academic goals.    Telecoaching available. Serving York Region & GTA.    All coaches are OCT certified teachers with classroom experience.
Rod Missaghian (Lead Coach), BA (Hons), Masters of Teaching, OCT
T: 905-751-4662

ONTARIO    SUCCEED WITH ADHD    Specializing in working with parents of children with ADHD & individuals of all ages with ADHD.    Coaching in the privacy & comfort of your own home & telecoaching services available.    Carrie Silverberg  ECE, BA (Psych)
ADHD Consultant & Coach
T: 905-763-9424

ONTARIO    Susan Macintosh
Personal Coach,
ADHD Coach & RN    Adults, Teens & Parents with ADHD Children.    Located in Oakville. Offering telephone, Skype for remote areas & in-person coaching.    Susan Macintosh
Personal Coach,
ADHD Coach & RN (Australia)
T: 905-845-9241

ONTARIO    Take Flight Coaching    ADHD Children, Teens, Adults, & Parents with ADHD Children
Coaching kids with ADHD ages 8-12 Certified,
Coaching teens & college aged students with ADHD Certified    Located in Toronto, ON
Contact regarding telecoaching.    Robin Storfer - MSW, BA Hons Sociology, ACC, Adler International Learning, DISC Certified, Thomas International, BarOn EQ-i Certified, JST Coaching; Member of the International Coach Federation
T: 416-487-5964
F: 416-487-0187

    Specializes in coaching for parents raising ADD/ADHD children & adults with ADD/ADHD.    Located in London, ON.
Contact regarding telecoaching.    Janine Wright-Giustizia, B.A., CPCC
T: 519-858-4764

QUEBEC    Goals 4 Life ADD/ADHD Coaching        Office is located in Montreal, QB.
Telecoaching is also available.    Jacqueline Sinfield
T: 514-482-7555

QUEBEC    Focus! Action! Success!        Office located in Saint-Laurent, QB.
Offers telecoaching.    Linda Walker
T: 514-807-5008

QUEBEC    The Montreal Center of Attention for ADD    Coaching teens, Adults, Parents, Couples & Groups.    Offers in-person coaching at offices in Downtown Montreal & via teleconference.    Coach “Maddy” Madeleine Cote
T: 514-816-3142

NOVA SCOTIA    ADDvocacy ADHD & Life Skills Coaching Ltd.    Coaches youth & adults with ADHD & EF challenges; specializes in working with college students & entrepreneurs. Offers workshops & training for teachers, employers, & groups.    Based in the HRM; available throughout Maritimes. Offers in-person, Skype, & telecoaching.    Keith Gelhorn
T: 902-305-8464 or  902-405-5926

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