CADDAC does not promote or recommend these coaches; we simply list those that we come across in our resources.

Please be aware that Canada has no regulations regarding qualifications of coaches. We suggest that you ask individual coaches for their training qualifications and request that they supply you with testimonials from past clients.

If you know of a coach that is not listed here, especially if you had a good experience with them; or if you are a coach yourself and would like your contact information made available on this website please contact erin.cozad@caddac.ca.

Please be aware that we rely on these individuals to update us as to whether or not their businesses are still active and maintained. If the information is out-of-date, it is because we have yet to be notified. We do our best to maintain an up-to-date listing given this limitation. If you have updates, please contact us at the afore-mentioned email address and we will update when possible.

Many adult patients have found ADHD coaching a very helpful tool in their arsenal of treament strategies.

Please be aware that coaching is not covered by provincial health plans.

*Coaching sessions often take place by telephone and email. This is called "telecoaching" or "distance coaching." Therefore coaches do not necessarily need to be located in your local area.

If you have interest in becoming a coach, you can reach the ADD Coaching Academy, an online ADHD Training source: http://addca.com/

This information is available via downloaded PDF format. Please click the link and download the listing, which is categorized by province and then alphabetically by the name of the company.

This page was last updated February 6, 2014.

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