Support Groups and Advocates

CADDAC does not in any way favour or promote these groups, or endorse any programs or information that they may distribute. We do believe that support and education about ADHD is an excellent way to help ensure the best outcome for those lives affected by ADHD. We have compiled a list of groups that we are aware of for your information. If you are an ADHD support group in Canada and would like your contact information made available on this website please contact us.

Please be aware that we rely on these groups and/or members of their communities to update us as to whether or not their groups are still active and maintained, as well as meeting information. If the information is out-of-date, it is because we have yet to be notified. We do our best to maintain an up-to-date listing given this limitation. If you have updates, please contact us at the afore-mentioned email address and we will update when possible.

CADDAC Affiliate Support Groups

CADDAC has set up a system which allows support groups across Canada to become affiliates of CADDAC. Any such group and/or organization would be affiliated with CADDAC for the sole purpose of advancing the care, education or support of ADHD families, individuals, caregivers, professionals or other stakeholders of ADHD.  Affiliation with CADDAC does not, and is not intended to create a legal relationship between any such group or organization and CADDAC. For more information on how to be recognized and listed on the CADDAC web site as an affiliate CADDAC member and the benefits of affiliation please access the Affiliate Guidelines