Adult ADHD and Substance Use Disorders-What’s the Deal?

Dr. David Teplin is an Adult Clinical Psychologist in private practice. His clinical practice focuses primarily on Clinical Assessment, Clinical Consultation, Adult ADHD, and Substance Use Disorders. He is also an adjunct professor, where he teaches doctoral level courses. In addition, Dr. Teplin is on the Editorial Review Board of several peer-reviewed journals, serves on Professional Advisory Boards for Adult ADHD, and recently served as Chair of the Canadian Psychological Association Task Force on the Legalization of Cannabis.

This webinar addresses the commonly observed overlap between Adult ADHD and Substance Use Disorders. While each are independent disorders, there are several factors involved as to why there exists such high overlap rates, both in ADHD clinical settings, as well as in addiction treatment settings. Some emphasis will also be placed on the issues of assessment, diagnosis and treatment, including the notion of an integrated treatment approach.

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