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CADDAC builds awareness and advocates on ADHD in several areas at any given time. CADDAC increases understanding of ADHD, decreases stigma and advocates for increased services through media interviews, meetings and sharing information with federal and provincial ministries, government departments, decision makers and ADHD stakeholders.

CADDAC’s 2016/2017 Areas of Advocacy

ADHD in the Justice System (below)

Health Canada/ Generic Concerta

BC Pharmacare 2017

BC Pharmacare 2015-2016

BC Education



ADHD and the Justice System: The Benefits of Recognizing and Treating ADHD in the Justice System– Incident rates of ADHD seen in the correctional population are 5 times that of adults, and ten times that of youth in the general population. Screening, early detection and appropriate treatment would reduce recidivism rates and costs to the justice and correction systems.  ENGLISH  FRENCH

Key Messages – “ADHD in the Canadian Criminal Justice System” VIEW Powerpoint

Media Release – “The Impact of ADHD on Canadian Justice and Correction Systems Rates of ADHD 5 to 10 times higher in Correctional Populations” ENGLISH    FRENCH