October is ADHD Awareness Month



This October, during ADHD Awareness Month, CADDAC is launching our “ADHD in Education Awareness/Advocacy Campaign” to draw greater attention to the inequities students with ADHD face when accessing education across Canada.

Access our Policy Paper, “Inequitable Access to Education for Canadian Students with ADHD”

French Policy Paper

Inequitable Access to Education for Canadian Students with ADHD – The lack of recognition of ADHD as a serious impairment to learning has allowed for inconsistency and inequity for students with ADHD across Canada, provinces and school boards when accessing accommodations and education resources for their medical disability

Media Release

Please download and share these documents.

Join the campaign efforts by allowing your voices to be heard through:    

  1. Contacting your MPP/MLA
  2. Sharing of your Experiences through e-mail advocacy@caddac.ca

If you are interested in becoming involved in advocacy efforts nationally or in your province please contact advocacy@caddac.ca

2017 ADHD Events

ADHD Parent Support Group Kingston
On September 30th parents will be hosting our 5th annual event to bring awareness to ADHD. We will be at the Cataraqui Mall sharing information and resources about ADHD. Information is free come join us!. You can find us set up in front of the Children’s Place store for more information please visit our facebook page

Learning Disabilities Association of Niagara Region ( Hope Group Niagara)
The LDANR will acknowledge ADHD Awareness Month on Oct 8th at 10pm with a special color illumination of Niagara Falls. The Falls will be illuminated Orange and Purple for fifteen minutes (Please note, all illumination times are approximate and may change according to light conditions.)

Alberta Health Services – The Impact of Learning on ADHD
Research on general academic outcomes will be reviewed during this presentation as well as the impact of ADHD symptoms on classroom functioning, typical presentations of ADHD symptoms seen in the classroom and some that may be commonly overlooked will be covered.
October 12, 2017, Foothills Academy, Calgary AB
For more info click HERE

9th Annual ADHD Conference
Join us to learn about ADHD from world renowned experts! Our 9th Annual ADHD Conference is geared to  parents, adults with ADHD, educators, and medical professionals
October 14/15, Foothills Academy, Calgary, AB .
For more info click HERE

ADHD Parent Power Support Group – Burlington
On October 16, 2017 the ADHD Parent Power Support Group – Burlington will be doing a talk on “why consequences don’t work for our children with ADHD and what will work”.

Association of Psychology Newfoundland Labrador (APNL)
On October 17, 2017 7pm to 9:30pm the APNL is hosting an informative public presentation and discussion on ADHD; Topics include Symptoms and Diagnosis, Treatment Options, Adult ADHD, Accessing resources, Challenges and Benefits.
www.APNL.ca for more info

Shift Your Thinking Summit
Shift your Thinking is a live event and online support community that empowers parents and children who have learning differences such as learning disabilities, attention deficits, dyslexia, and/or mental health such as anxiety.
October 21, Missisauga, ON
For more info click HERE

Adult ADD Strengths
For Awareness month, ADHD Adult Coach, Pete Quily, will run an ADHD campaign to spread the word on what it really feels like to have adult ADHD.  For more info click HERE

Past campaign topics have included,

  • ADHD is Real, Debunking Myths and Providing ADHD Facts
  • Adult ADHD
  • The Socioeconomic Cost of ADHD when left untreated
  • ADHD in Post-Secondary
  • ADHD in the Justice System

Prior to 2012 advocacy issues have included, Equitable Access to Education for all Canadians and Equality of Access for Canadians to New Medication

For further information on all of these topics please access, Past Campaigns, Current Campaigns, and Policy Papers.

General ADHD Awareness Key Messages (2012 Awareness Week)

  • Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is NOT a disorder of undisciplined overactive boys. It is a real, complex, multifaceted, often life- long neurobiological disorder that affects people of both genders and all ages.
  • ADHD is NOT an insignificant disorder. In fact, it is one of the most common neurological disorders in Canada and is estimated to affect over one million Canadians.  Yet it continues to be under-diagnosed and under-treated.
  • ADHD doesn’t “go away.” Left untreated, the majority of sufferers will carry symptoms – regulating attention (difficulty paying attention, prioritizing attention and being easily distracted), losing things and forgetting to complete tasks, and speaking and acting impulsively – through to adulthood.  The result is significant impairment in their ability to study, work and manage their lives.
  • Myths and misinformation have been prominent in the media and in the community at large for too many years.
  • ADHD impacts, not only on the attainment of human and social capital, resulting in increased socioeconomic costs for Canada, but increases costs to healthcare, education, labour and social services, and increased costs to the justice system.

Please also access ADHD Facts and Stats for additional points, ADHD Awareness Resources for tools to assist you in your awareness efforts and Become Involved for information on how to join ADHD advocacy efforts and become a skilled advocate.